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When we approached you in the club, we had a feeling you'd be intrigued by our offer.

[NB4F] [Domme] [Fantasy] [Threesome] [Two Vampires] [Consent] [BDSM] [Intimidation] [Sadistic] [Pain Play] [Biting] [Blood] [Strap-on] [Degradation] [Aftercare]

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I was hoping to see you here again. Would you like to grab a coffee?

[M4F] [Single Dad] [Coffee Date] [Consent] [Semi-Public] [Bathroom] [Spontaneous] [Oral] [Beard] [Penetration] [Reach Around] [Biting] [Passionate] [Hair Pulling] [Aftercare] [I Like You]

34:58 · 6,707 plays
No one can hear us, so we may as well be uncivilized.

[NB4F] [Dom] [Rough] [Camping] [Outdoors] [Under the Stars] [Wild] [No Inhibitions] [Crawling] [Primal] [Penetration] [Praise] [Spanking] [Louder] [Oral] [Dirty Talk] [Good Girl]

17:36 · 2,974 plays
You’ve never driven on this side of the road before? Then don’t get distracted…

[M4F] [MDom] [Ireland] [Airbnb Host] [Next Day] [Rainy] [Praise] [Car Sex] [Breast Play] [Fingering] [Pull Over] [Riding] [Daddy] [Choking Me] [Spanking] [Rough] [Passionate]

31:25 · 17,231 plays
You got a promotion today and we're going out to dinner to celebrate, but you insist on having dessert first.

[F4F] [GFE] [FSub] [Congratulations] [Obedient] [Fingering] [Oral] [Large Toy] [Rough] [Orgasm Control] [Whimpering] [Begging] [Aftercare] [Sweet]

21:20 · 2,347 plays
Now it's my turn to be in control.

[MF4F] [Collab with Alice] [MDom] [Threesome] [Safe Word] [Follow Direction] [Fingering] [Oral] [Bondage] [Beg for It] [Rough] [Teasing] [Check-Ins] [Praise] [Earn It] [Penetration] [Aftercare]

29:26 · 5,834 plays