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Soft, loving audios.

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I'm gonna tell you exactly what to do, baby. I want you t...

Giving You Instructions

It's too much -- I need to finish.

I Can't Take It Anymore

Thank you so much for letting me finish this time.

Thank You So Much, Mami

It drives me crazy when you whimper for me...

How Can I Resist?

You're gonna listen to me finish. Wait until the end.

Voice Memos (Part 7)

I touch myself to the thought of you, knowing you’re doin...

Voice Memos (Part 6)

There's only one woman that I'd fuck on the side of the h...

Little Pit Stop

Don't forget to breathe, gorgeous girl.

Let Me Guide You

I want you to touch yourself for me.

Let's Try Something Different

I found you the perfect Christmas gift. Are you ready?

Bad Santa

I've wanted you for so long, and tonight you're mine. Do ...

Your Romantic Virgin Christmas Fantasy

We're going on a magical mystery tour. I promise, you're ...

Tongue Magic Part 1

Listen to this, and imagine me right there with you. Put ...

I've Got You Babe

I actually missed this place...and I missed seeing you. D...

Return to Work

You've been very, very bad. Haven't you? That's why I'm g...

ASMR Domination

Breathe in and squeeze your kegel muscle, then breathe ou...

Masturbation Meditation

Our fingers intertwined as we watched a show. It became l...

Friendly Otters Part 1

I'm listening to that audio that you sent me...the one of...

An Online Encounter with a Subby Boy

I know sex can make friendships weird, but I can't stop t...

Leaving Town

Let's melt into one another beneath the sheets. Nothing b...

Breakfast in Bed

I bet you've had a long day...lie down, relax.

Do you know what I want?

Listen carefully and do as I say.

What I want to do to you

Send me a nasty picture of you soaking wet in the bathroo...

At Work

I'm impatient when what I want is right in front of me.

Hooking up with my roommate's friend

Seriously, why are you with him? You deserve so much bett...

Friends Bone

First we're sweet, and then we're spicy.

Snugglefuck 2

I want to stay over, but I didn't want to assume...


Pillow talk and snugglefucking.

Netflix and Chill

That was really scary...do you feel super anxious too? Le...

Calming Down by Cumming

No pressure and absolutely no rush...but I want you. Bad....

Slow and Deep for My Shy Girl

I've been wanting to hold you all day. Let me take care o...

Boyfriend Cheers You Up

I call you on my way to work because I can't stop thinkin...

Morning Commute Call

You make me so happy...let's take this to the next level.

Friends to More

A morning snugglefuck to start the day off right.

Good Morning Indeed

An experienced woman takes my virginity.

The Virgin and the Escort

I tell you exactly how to touch yourself. No cutting corn...

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