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Men taking control.

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I missed those noises you make, the expression on your fa...

I Missed This

You like knowing that I'm touching myself to the thought ...

Thinking About Being Inside You

Let me use you.

My Little Toy

You want someone to find you out here with your legs shak...

Be Quiet

Rub your clit for me baby...you're doing so good.

Moaning for you (part three)

Let me make you cum angel.

Moaning for you (part two)

You're my little toy and I want to use you.

Moaning for you (part one)

Well, if it isn't my favorite student. Have you prepared ...

Summer Class

So you didn't get enough last night? I told you not to wa...

Don't Wake Daddy

...you're the main dish.

Dinner Time

Just say the safe word, and I will stop immediately. And ...

Mail Order Bride

Just give yourself the night off tonight. I'll make you f...

No More Late Nights

Nobody should ever talk to you that way. That guy's out o...

Your Boyfriend's An Asshole

We don't have much time. Get on your knees right there in...

Hurried Hotel Encounter

Our friends stayed too long. Come here - I need to fuck y...

A Good Night

You've got a serious attitude problem.

The Alt Girl

Daddy wants to take care of you.

Daddy's Right Here

I love to feel your cunt swell around my fingers. I know ...


I'm sorry! You startled me. What were you doing in here b...


You've got a thing for the sound of my voice...so it's re...

My Pleasure

You know that Daddy always takes care of you...now take c...

Daddy's Ache

We've put in a lot of really good work so far. We deserve...

Quittin Time

There are only two things Daddy wants to hear from your m...

Needy Little Brat

Just tell Daddy what was in the box.

Naughty Girl

You've been watching porn while I've been in there fuckin...


I'm sorry to startle you...I know we're the only two peop...

Shy Girl

Don't you dare. We're in public...? I control you now.

Don't Make Me Cause A Scene

This is for you to listen to with headphones on, in publi...

In Plain Sight

Just take off your fucking clothes. Do it, now. You know ...

Time for Your Punishment

You sure you're ready for this? Don't worry, I won't tie ...

Blindfolded & Bonded (Part 1)

You look really good on your knees.

I Catch You Taking Pictures

I'm going to come for you, and only you babe.

FaceTime Jerking Off Together

You trust me, don't you? Just relax.

Doctor's Orders

Have you ever fudged your dice rolls? Don't lie to me. Ap...

Dishonest Dice Rolls

Grumbling, raspy sounds of the morning. We wake up and ta...

Morning Voice

Let's switch it up, baby. Show me, tease me, please me ov...

FaceTime Fun with James

What did he do now?

Gimme a Call

I let my friends fill you up.

Party with my friends

I'm gonna make you shake until we capsize.

On the Lake

We have to be really, really quiet. Okay? Your roommate i...

Lights out

I've been thinking about you alllllllll day...

I want you so bad

Happy birthday beautiful. I got you something special.

Birthday Surprise

Send me a nasty picture of you soaking wet in the bathroo...

At Work

Let's keep this simple. I need you to come for me.

Orgasm Demands

Tonight we're gonna feel everything.

Let's go slow

Welcome to the clinic. Let me assess you.

Paid Study Epilogue: Referral

You want me to try dominating you.

You Want Me to Call You Baby Girl?

You've already seen my body, and you want another sneak p...

Fucking My Biggest OnlyFans Fan

I've wanted to pound you since the moment I swiped right....

Facetime Sex

You'll do anything for your boss.

Personal Assistant

Let me relieve your pent-up stress.

Aching Release

We shouldn't do this...you're my student.

The Professor

Be a good girl for me...

Jerkin' Daddy

You make Daddy so, so very happy...

Structured Daddy

I need to relieve all this pent-up stress, somehow...

Daddy's Tension Relief

I need a release.

Angry Cock

I had a really fun time on our date, I think we have a sp...

Car Ride with Daddy

I want to touch every part of you.


There's only one thing that I really want right now. Are ...

Daddy's Kitten

Be a good girl for me.


You're a naughty girl, and you like when I take control.

Daddy Gets Rough

A gentle, playful intro to BDSM.

Pain and Pleasure

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