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Office fantasies.

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We have to be quiet!! I've been thinking about your cock ...

Last Day of My Internship

I actually missed this place...and I missed seeing you. D...

Return to Work

We've put in a lot of really good work so far. We deserve...

Quittin Time

I have a special little job for you.

Office Jerk

I lured nervous little nymphomaniac Lilly into my dungeon...

Office Slut Proves Her Obedience

Send me a nasty picture of you soaking wet in the bathroo...

At Work

I know you're busy, but I need to be taken care of.

Quickie Office Sex

I know we should tell HR...but I just love sneaking aroun...

Teasing you at work

Let me give you a tour. Our members love the observation ...

Executive Lounge 2: Orientation

You'll do anything for your boss.

Personal Assistant

I'm alone in my office, thinking of what I would do to yo...

Office Jill-Off (JOI)

Is there anything I can get you ma'am? Anything at all? I...

Yes Ma'am

I have to work, baby. Stop teasing me...

Working from Home

You're the hottest girl in the office, so I need to get a...


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