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It's time for your physical...

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Welcome to the Feel Good Pleasure Spa. I'm Jim, your pers...

Happy Ending

You trust me, don't you? Just relax.

Doctor's Orders

This is the description

Doctor's Visit

Welcome to the clinic. Let me assess you.

Paid Study Epilogue: Referral

It's our last session. Let's keep it simple.

Paid Study 8: Completion

Today, I'm going to blindfold you and I'm going to tell y...

Paid Study 7: Self-Control

I'm going to perform cunnilingus on you while another par...

Paid Study 6: Voyeurism

I'm going to pleasure you until you are about to orgasm, ...

Paid Study 5: Edging

Today, we're going to explore arousal leading up to a rel...

Paid Study 4: Arousal

I've been thinking about you, too. I look forward to thes...

Paid Study 3: Toys

Welcome back. Remove all articles of clothing and take on...

Paid Study 2: Filling

I'm Dr. Rodgers - welcome in. Thank you for volunteering ...

Paid Study 1: Fingering

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