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guided masturbation

these audios give you a little extra help, for when you just need to unwind and follow direction.

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A taste of tantric meditation for you.

Sexual Healing

I instruct you how to touch yourself as I masturbate with...

Cumming Together

You've been such a good patient little girl. You can cum ...

You can cum now

It feels good, doesn't it? Don't stop, baby.

Keep going

You're doing so good, baby.

Touch yourself for me

climax is always better when it's done together


Be a good girl for me. Lay back, close your eyes and let ...

Guiding You

I'm gonna tell you exactly what to do, baby. I want you t...

Giving You Instructions

Grab a toy, use your fingers, follow my voice. Just get o...

Let's Take Care of Business

Don't forget to breathe, gorgeous girl.

Let Me Guide You

Find a ring of trees and stand in the center of them. Tak...

Eco Sexual Guided Masturbation

Breathe in and squeeze your kegel muscle, then breathe ou...

Masturbation Meditation

I'm going to come for you, and only you babe.

FaceTime Jerking Off Together

Listen carefully and do as I say.

What I want to do to you

I guide you through three types of orgasms.

Three Gates

I tell you exactly how to touch yourself. No cutting corn...

My Instructions

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