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These audios are all over 20 minutes long, for when you need just a little more of a story.

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We won't make it to the Netflix part of Netflix and chill...


Sure, we can hang out. I can make room in the bed if--I m...

Fucking Your Friend's Brother

You know I'm always down, but I'm in the middle... I love...

I'm Playing a Game with Friends, but You're Horny

I've wanted to ask you something for a while...

Our First Time Getting Rough

Wait, you...want me? Need me? Um...okay. This is...differ...

Switching Up Your Roommate Fantasy

I need to get all of my work done...but I also need to wr...

Learning Your Lesson

The only way to weather this storm is to stay close to yo...

A Storm of Passion

I found you the perfect Christmas gift. Are you ready?

Bad Santa

Keep your hands in the water. I want my fingers to get we...

Getting Dirty with the Dishes

You sure you're ready for this? Don't worry, I won't tie ...

Blindfolded and Bonded (Part 1)

You've just had a wild night with the mysterious Julian, ...

King of London (Part 4)

Welcome to our curbside facility. We bring our services t...

Executive Lounge 5: Curbside Service

Don't look at the clock. My cock's been throbbing for you...

Morning Feels

Welcome to our Members-Only satellite lounge. We hope you...

Executive Lounge 4: Satellite Location

Let's get the day started the right way. (:

Morning Coffee

There's so much going on...but I need you right now.

Another Late Night

Welcome to the clinic. Let me assess you.

Paid Study Epilogue: Referral

Let me give you a tour. Our members love the observation ...

Executive Lounge 2: Orientation

Pillow talk and snugglefucking.

Netflix and Chill

If there is anything you need, I'll take care of you. Jus...

Executive Lounge: Part 1

You want me to try dominating you.

You Want Me to Call You Baby Girl?

Paradise with you...how do you feel this morning?

Vacation Sex

You need an older, more experienced man. Let me show you ...

The Housesitter

It's our last session. Let's keep it simple.

Paid Study 8: Completion

Today, I'm going to blindfold you and I'm going to tell y...

Paid Study 7: Self-Control

I'm going to perform cunnilingus on you while another par...

Paid Study 6: Voyeurism

I'm going to pleasure you until you are about to orgasm, ...

Paid Study 5: Edging

Today, we're going to explore arousal leading up to a rel...

Paid Study 4: Arousal

I've been thinking about you, too. I look forward to thes...

Paid Study 3: Toys

Welcome back. Remove all articles of clothing and take on...

Paid Study 2: Filling

I'm Dr. Rodgers - welcome in. Thank you for volunteering ...

Paid Study 1: Fingering

An experienced woman takes my virginity.

The Virgin and the Escort

You taste so sweet.

Apple Cream Pie

You'll do anything for your boss.

Personal Assistant

Let me relieve your pent-up stress.

Aching Release

Do you want me to play with you? Ask me nicely.

Daddy Fantasy

We shouldn't do this...you're my student.

The Professor

I'm alone in my office, thinking of what I would do to yo...

Office Jill-Off (JOI)

You make Daddy so, so very happy...

Structured Daddy

Is there anything I can get you ma'am? Anything at all? I...

Yes Ma'am

Your body makes me crazy.

Your Jeans

I need to relieve all this pent-up stress, somehow...

Daddy's Tension Relief

I need a release.

Angry Cock

You've been a good girl. Let me take care of you.

Lay Back, Baby

Give Daddy what he needs.

Rub for Daddy

I had a really fun time on our date, I think we have a sp...

Car Ride with Daddy

I want to touch every part of you.


There's only one thing that I really want right now. Are ...

Daddy's Kitten

Let me service you.

The Butler

I always thought we had something special. This is the st...

The One that Got Away

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