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butt stuff

audios involving experimentation in and/or around the bum

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Today is your lucky day.

[M4F] [MSub] [Also Switchy] [Oral] [Rimming] [Breast Play] [Praise] [SFX] [Anal] [Making a Trade] [Pegging] [Strap On] [Toy] [Penetration] [Butt Stuff] [Moaning] [British Accent]

19:37 · 3,629 plays
Let's see how many toys you can handle.

[F4F] [FDom] [Bondage] [Gag] [Check Ins] [Condescending] [Pet] [Rough] [Toys] [Butt Stuff] [Anal Beads] [Nipple Vibrators] [Overstimulation] [Helpless] [Squirting] [Aftercare]

10:01 · 1,755 plays
Give me one hour to finish this meeting, and then I'll give you what you want.

[F4F] [FDom] [Work From Home] [Bratty] [Needy] [Distracting] [Under the Desk] [Oral] [Punishment] [Spanking] [Intense] [Intimate] [L-Bombs] [Butt Stuff] [Aftercare]

22:18 · 1,094 plays
I'm sorry I started without you.

[M4A] [MSub] [D2L] [Ramble] [In Medias Res] [Masturbation] [Wet SFX] [Bratty] [Punishment] [Calling You Daddy] [Moaning] [Whimpering] [Good Boy] [Making It Up to You] [Toys] [Vibrator] [Butt Stuff] [Begging] [Degradation]

17:22 · 6,680 plays
Maybe we could cancel breakfast...

[M4F] [Boyfriend] [BFE] [Snuggling] [Morning] [Whispers] [Tyler and Tiffany Can Wait] [Kissing] [Fingering] [Oral] [Praise] [Rimming] [Riding] [Playful] [L-Bombs] [Mutual Orgasm] [Aftercare] [Making You Coffee]

23:00 · 7,206 plays
I didn't think you'd take me seriously when I dared you to be more adventurous.

[F4F] [FDom] [Friends to Lovers] [Toys] [Adventurous] [Butt Plug] [Fingering] [Spitting] [Edging] [Oral] [Strap-on] [Controlling] [Degradation] [Slut] [Rough] [Good Girl]

18:16 · 4,381 plays