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audios involving experimentation in and/or around the bum

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Daddy is going to show you exactly how he wants you to to...

Daddy Says

I've been nervous about talking to you about something...

Your boyfriend wants to worship your ass

You want to dom me? I'm sure you'll make me feel incredib...

Taking Control For The First Time

My favorite part of the day... watching you do that is so...

Fuck Me On Your Peloton

TW: this audio contains intense domination, rough sex, an...

Let Me Ruin You

Spooning while there's a scary movie on, but I would much...

Scary Movie

What I really want isn't on the menu.

Sharing Dessert

You're an intern, and your boss wants to be sure you have...

Dominant Boss

I'm gonna get off thinking about you.

Getting Off to You

I have never had a finger there before but...yes.

69 got more interesting

We're gonna have a little bit of fun. But first, I'm gonn...

Rough Return

This is for you to listen to with headphones on, in publi...

In Plain Sight

I had this idea that we could go to a party and pick up a...

Party Pickup

We have to be absolutely silent. Follow my lead, carefull...

Office Quiet Quickie

Listen to me carefully: Find the key at the mat. Put on t...

Blindfolded Group Sex

Thanks for the present, baby. I can't wait to use it with...

First Time Using a Butt Plug

You have a lot of potential, but you need to loosen up a ...

Office Hours w Prof Fletcher

Happy birthday beautiful. I got you something special.

Birthday Surprise

There's only one thing that I really want right now. Are ...

Daddy's Kitten

Let me service you.

The Butler

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