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Female • 3,666 subscribers • 413,511 playsHello hello! I'm Mollie, a deep voiced VA specializing in F4F audios. Sit back, relax, and let's have some fun.


Female • 3,666 subscribers • 413,511 plays
Hello hello! I'm Mollie, a deep voiced VA specializing in F4F audios. Sit back, relax, and let's have some fun.

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I'll always give you what you want.

[F4F] [Service FDom] [Girlfriend] [Kitten] [Waking Me Up] [Needy] [Grinding] [Daddy] [Oral] [Face Riding] [Praise] [Good Girl] [Aftercare]

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What better way to celebrate?

[F4F] [FDom] [Girlfriend] [Birthday Party] [Sneak Away] [Toys] [Butt Plug] [Praise] [Good Girl] [Breast Play] [Fingering] [Strap-on] [Moaning] [Countdown] [L-Bomb]

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Maybe I could teach you a few things, too.

[F4F] [FDom] [Condescending] [Degradation] [Nerd] [A Trade] [Bend Over] [Oral] [Rimming] [Name-Calling] [Slut] [Good Girl] [WLW]

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I'll always give you what you want.

[F4F] [Service FDom] [Girlfriend] [Kitten] [Waking Me Up] [Needy] [Grinding] [Daddy] [Oral] [Face Riding] [Praise] [Good Girl] [Aftercare]

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I think this house really suits you. You seem more than comfortable here.

[F4F] [Realtor and Client] [Private Tour] [Seductive] [No Panties] [Kitchen Sex] [Bend Over] [Marble Countertops] [Oral] [Dirty Talk] [Sold]

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So which bunk are you, top or bottom?

[F4F] [Gentle FDom] [Strangers to Lovers] [Overnight Train] [Praise] [Nipple Play] [Oral] [Fingering] [Worship]

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You know I hate leaving you alone while I'm at work all day. Come here, sit on my lap; I've missed you.

[F4F] [FDom] [Girlfriend] [Kitten] [Fingering] [Strap] [Riding] [Commanding] [Toys]

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Are you going to pay attention to the movie this time? What could you possibly be reading?

[F4F] [FDom] [Friends to Lovers] [Daddy] [Movie Night] [Smut] [On My Lap] [Safe Word] [Praise] [Grinding] [Good Girl]

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Alright fine, let’s see what this cute little love hotel has to offer.

[F4F] [FDom] [Travel] [Japan] [Childhood Sweethearts] [Bondage] [Praise] [Oral] [Strap] [Riding] [Girlfriend] [Toys]

16:00 · 6,531 plays
I'm glad you stopped by, I was just practicing our scene. Do you think our characters should stand closer?

[F4F] [Gentle FDom] [Co-stars] [Practicing Lines in My Trailer] [Making Out] [Nipple Play] [Oral] [Ask Me Nicely] [Fingering] [Praise] [Co-workers]

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Trust me. I'm not his type. At all.

[F4F] [Listener Possessiveness] [Praise] [Hickeys] [Oral] [Passionate]

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Wake up with me.

[F4F] [FDom] [Daddy] [Kitten] [Praise] [Nipple Play] [Good Girl] [Soft] [Fingering] [Loving]

9:30 · 12,020 plays
I can't believe he stood you up. Don't worry, I'll take it from here.

[F4F] [Mall Date] [Mutual Crush] [Making Out] [Empty Parking Lot] [Oral] [Praise] [Good Girl] [In Public]

16:38 · 29,898 plays
I know we're not on the best of terms but for the good of the project, can we just get along?

[F4F] [FDom] [Enemies to Lovers] [Study Room] [Confession] [Fingering] [Dirty Talk] [Light Degradation] [Orgasm Control]

14:45 · 13,934 plays
Thank you so much for seeing me last minute. I've been having this problem...maybe you can help.

[F4F] [Picking You Up from Work] [Roleplay] [Doctor] [Examination] [Unprofessional] [Fingering] [Breast Play] [Moaning] [Oral]

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You know that dress is way too short. Look, I can prove it.

[F4F] [Girlfriend] [Shopping] [Oral] [Praise] [Dressing Room Sex] [Spontaneous] [In Public]

10:03 · 7,308 plays
You didn't think I'd be thrilled about you listening to other VAs—did you?

[F4F] [FDom] [Jealousy] [Degradation] [Strap] [Riding] [Strong Language] [Spanking] [Aggressive] [Good Girl] [Aftercare]

9:30 · 25,108 plays
I'm not one to reward bad behavior but I think I can compromise here. Just don't do it again.

[F4F] [FDom] [Deep Voice] [Caught Masturbating] [Voyeurism] [Heavy Degradation] [JOI] [Fingering] [Aftercare] [Degradation]

8:25 · 26,997 plays
Hop on my exam table and we'll see if I can fix the issues you've been having.

[F4F] [Deep Voice] [Soft FDom] [Doctor] [Sexual Dysfunction] [Fingering] [Encouragement] [Good Girl] [Aftercare]

21:04 · 12,672 plays
Life gets busy sometimes. Maybe you should visit your local café to let off some steam.

[F4F] [FDom] [Strangers to Lovers] [First Time] [Praise] [Fingering] [Oral] [Kitten] [Good Girl]

23:00 · 13,924 plays
This wasn't what I was expecting for lunch, but I guess it'll do. Just make it quick.

[F4F] [Quickie] [Oral] [Fingering] [Hold the Moan] [Condescending] [Girlfriend] [In Public]

8:08 · 5,358 plays
Hands on the wall. Face forward. If you want something, you ask.

[F4F] [FDom] [Against the Wall] [Teasing] [Oral] [Spanking] [Strap] [Quickie] [Praise] [Toys]

8:20 · 16,909 plays
I do a lot of the talking in this dynamic, I think it's your turn to tell me what you want.

[F4F] [Service FDom] [Deep Voice] [Kisses] [Nipple Play] [Praise] [Fingering] [Oral] [Face Riding] [Light Overstimulation] [Princess] [FDom]

14:07 · 17,489 plays
I may have let slip that I'm dating someone...which I'm not. Can me out?

[F4F] [Friends to Lovers] [Fake Dating] [Practice Kissing] [Confession] [Car Sex] [Nipple Play] [Fingering] [Good Girl] [Aftercare] [In Public]

17:45 · 6,674 plays
We've been working up to this, and I think you're ready.

[F4F] [Mommy Dom] [Kitten] [Strap] [Double Penetration] [Praise] [Good Girl] [Finger Sucking] [Toys]

15:00 · 32,019 plays
Believe me, the walls in this house are really thin. Do you think you can control yourself?

[F4F] [FDom] [Breast Play] [Kissing] [Fingering] [Hold the Moan] [Sneaky] [Praise] [Good Girl] [Slut] [Whispering] [Finger Sucking]

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When you can't sleep, I know exactly how to tire you out.

[F4F] [FDom] [Daddy] [Spooning] [Finger Sucking] [Fingering] [Praise] [Kitten] [Countdown] [Beg Me]

10:00 · 24,295 plays
I just want to focus on you.

[F4F] [Mommy Dom] [Praise] [Nipple Play] [Oral] [Fingering] [Gentle] [Good Girl] [FDom]

12:05 · 8,774 plays
Don't pay a moving company—I can help. My services include: boxing, transportation, rearranging furniture, pinning you on the furniture...Wait, what?

[F4F] [Friends to Lovers] [Accidental Kiss] [Making Out] [Oral] [Praise] [Spontaneous] [Aftercare]

12:57 · 6,224 plays
You handle the evidence, I win the case for my client. Don't tell me how to do my job.

[F4F] [FDom] [Friends to Enemies to Lovers] [Power Struggle] [Fingering] [Oral] [Hair Pulling] [On the Desk] [Hatefuck] [Enemies to Lovers] [Rough]

22:09 · 12,047 plays
We've both had a bad day, and I know exactly how to make it better.

[F4F] [FDom] [Daddy] [Strap] [Over the Couch] [Doggy] [Fingering] [Good Girl] [Slut] [Rough]

8:27 · 8,425 plays
I know you're here to see your bestie, but you'll have to make do with with her older sister. Hope you don't mind.

[F4F] [FDom] [Age Difference] [Grinding] [Fingering] [Dirty Talk] [Condescending]

18:06 · 26,827 plays
I walk in on you naked in our living room and you're oddly...chill about it. In fact, you ask for advice.

[F4F] [FDom] [Friends to Lovers] [Fingering] [Choking] [Vibrator] [Condescending] [Good Girl] [Toys]

14:10 · 38,924 plays
Maybe if you spent your time learning your lines instead of staring at my lips, we'd get somewhere.

[F4F] [FDom] [Actors] [Rehearsal] [Degradation to Praise] [Condescending] [Mutual Crush] [Good Girl] [Oral] [Fingering] [Breast Play]

10:06 · 798 plays
You've been denying me for five days and I can't think about anything else.

[F4A] [FSub] [Girlfriend] [Desperate] [Needy] [Breast Play] [Fingering] [Begging] [Moaning] [Please] [Edging] [L-Bomb]

10:10 · 1,302 plays

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