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Male • 21,387 subscribers • 3,320,253 playsJust a cuddly aussie looking to keep you cozy.


Male • 21,387 subscribers • 3,320,253 plays
Just a cuddly aussie looking to keep you cozy.

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There's nothing to be embarrassed about; I love everything your body does.

[M4F] [Boyfriend] [Grinding] [Fingering] [Praise] [Encouragement] [First Time] [Squirting] [Reassurance] [Cleaning You Up] [Oral] [Messy]

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We upgraded to a room with a hot tub and it's a good thing we did because you're really enjoying it.

[M4F] [BFE] [Vacation] [Hot Tub] [Masturbation] [Kissing] [Sweet] [Relaxing] [No Thoughts] [Fingering] [Praise] [L-Bombs]

11:02 · 2,576 plays
When did you get that outfit? I really like it.

[M4F] [Boyfriend] [New Relationship] [Surprise] [Sexy Outfit] [Seductive] [Giggles] [Blowjob] [Moaning] [Praise] [Riding] [Finish Inside] [Overstimulation]

12:19 · 5,370 plays
You’ve been grinding up against me at a party all night, and I've had enough.

[M4F] [MDom] [Boyfriend] [In Public] [Teasing] [Grinding] [Exhibitionism] [Against the Wall] [Praise] [Good Girl] [Everyone Watching] [Degradation] [Slut] [Finish on You]

9:32 · 7,931 plays
There's nothing to be embarrassed about; I love everything your body does.

[M4F] [Boyfriend] [Grinding] [Fingering] [Praise] [Encouragement] [First Time] [Squirting] [Reassurance] [Cleaning You Up] [Oral] [Messy]

13:14 · 2,050 plays
Our first date is going pretty well: it's the next morning and we're learning lots of new things about each other.

[M4F] [Morning After] [12-Hour First Date] [Insatiable] [Neck Kisses] [Confession] [Breeding Kink] [Riding] [Choking] [Finish Inside] [Twice]

14:01 · 6,471 plays
Hey, we need to talk. I think you sent me some pictures by accident...

[M4F] [Roommates] [Anxious] [Confession] [Lingerie] [Kissing] [Grinding] [Riding] [Praise] [Encouragement] [Moaning] [Cutie] [Good Girl] [Cockwarming]

16:18 · 7,495 plays
Good morning, I'm so glad you decided to stay the night.

[M4F] [Morning After] [Boyfriend] [New Relationship] [Kissing] [Cuddling] [Loving] [Praise] [Grinding] [Eager] [Handjob] [Oral] [Moaning] [Baby]

12:27 · 6,538 plays
Everyone else has gone to bed and now it's just us.

[M4F] [Mutual Pining] [Neck Kisses] [Body Worship] [We Have To Stay Quiet] [Whispering] [Moaning] [Oral] [Fingering] [Slow Sex] [L-Bombs] [Friends to Lovers] [Late Night] [Confession]

18:14 · 36,106 plays
Good morning, sleepyhead. Are you ready to get out of bed yet?

[M4F] [Boyfriend] [Sleepy] [Gentle] [Kissing] [L-bombs] [Affectionate] [Loving] [Oral] [Fingering] [Penetration] [Praise] [Dirty Talk] [Good Girl]

11:16 · 11,570 plays
Three months is way too long to be away from you and our life together.

[M4F] [Boyfriend] [Packing] [Cuddles] [Work Trip] [I Already Miss You] [Kisses] [Giggles] [Lovey] [Praise] [Good Girl] [Grinding] [Riding Me] [SFX] [Loving]

12:41 · 7,113 plays
Your husband gets home after one of the most stressful days he's had in a long time.

[M4F] [Stressful Work Day] [Hop In Bed With Me] [Stress Relief] [Body Worship] [Thigh Kisses] [Hip Squeezes] [Oral] [Fingering] [Clit Play] [Smothering] [Grinding] [Husband]

17:58 · 12,387 plays
We've been on a couple really nice dates, and you're ready to take the next step.

[M4F] [BFE] [First Time] [Post-Date] [Slow Build] [Gentle MDom] [First Time Oral] [Giggles] [Consent] [Praise] [Riding] [Gentle Sex] [Mutual Orgasm] [Aftercare] [Romantic AF] [Gentle]

22:26 · 25,018 plays
I've never done that before, but of course I'll try it with you.

[M4F] [Boyfriend] [First Time] [Choking] [Communication] [Consent] [Oral] [Riding] [Missionary] [Moaning] [L-Bombs] [Intense]

13:48 · 6,343 plays
I know how stressed you've been lately—it's okay to take a quick break.

[M4F] [BFE] [Gentle] [Encouragement] [Teasing] [Grinding] [Making Out] [Thigh Riding] [Straddle Me] [Fingering] [Mutual Masturbation] [Oral] [Praise] [L-Bombs] [Light Sleep Aid] [Boyfriend]

13:36 · 9,047 plays
I can tell when you're worried about something...what's up?

[M4F] [Friends To Lovers] [Semi-Public] [Pool Sex] [Making Out] [Neck Kisses] [Praise] [Body Worship] [Oral] [Hold The Moan] [Finish Inside] [Friends to Lovers]

20:17 · 28,585 plays
After a stressful day at work, I'm waiting patiently at home for you.

[M4F] [Phone Call] [Waking Me Up] [Use Me] [MSub] [Moaning] [Accent] [Husband] [Consent] [L-Bombs] [Finish Inside] [Choking] [Riding] [Aftercare]

11:42 · 12,157 plays
You and I are supposed to be going to a party tonight, but I'm way too tired after work.

[M4F] [Accent] [Oral] [Cuddling] [Boyfriend Experience] [Praise] [Sound Effects] [Moaning] [Giggles] [BFE]

13:21 · 7,280 plays
I've never subbed before, but I want to try it with you.

[M4F] [MSub] [Good Morning] [Good Boy] [Begging] [I Love You] [Riding] [Use Me] [I Can Take It]

18:52 · 27,283 plays
It's the last night of our camping weekend, and we're cuddled up by the fire.

[M4F] [Friends To Lovers] [Campfire] [Slow Burn] [Confession] [Mutual Pining] [Grinding] [Passionate] [Riding] [Missionary] [Leg Lock] [Aftercare] [Giggles] [Friends to Lovers] [Outdoors]

19:57 · 13,217 plays
During some very cozy and passionate sex, your boyfriend accidentally says something.

[M4F] [BFE] [Slow Burn] [Honeymoon Phase] [Fingering] [Teasing] [Giggles] [Accidental L-Bomb] [Mutual Orgasm] [Praise] [Spooning] [Aftercare]

12:37 · 13,017 plays
You're leaving for a work trip and I want to make sure I'm "with you" while you're gone.

[M4F] [Boyfriend] [Loving] [Kisses] [Hickeys] [Chest] [Thighs] [Teasing] [Oral] [Smother Me] [Domestic] [Praise] [Passionate]

9:01 · 7,954 plays
You want to dom me? That would definitely make me feel better after a long day.

[M4F] [FDom] [First Time] [Switching Our Dynamic] [Bondage] [Butt Stuff] [Mommy] [Toys] [Dirty Talk] [Begging] [Multiple Orgasms]

18:10 · 31,962 plays
You've been spying on your roommate for a little while now. It's almost like he knows you're watching him.

[M4F] [Roommates] [Rough] [Degradation] [Exhibitionism] [Name Calling] [Spanking] [Hair Pulling] [Free Use] [Possessive] [Angry] [Finish Inside]

11:00 · 24,740 plays
I know why you're here — let's not waste time.

[M4F] [MDom] [No Foreplay] [Bend Over] [Obedient] [Praise] [Rough] [Penetration] [Using You] [Good Girl] [Degradation] [Spanking] [Moaning]

8:54 · 18,737 plays
Their flight lands at 10 tomorrow, and I’m just so overwhelmed with everything.

[M4F] [Boyfriend] [BFE] [Accent] [Stressed Out] [Calming Me Down] [Parents Coming to Town] [Oral] [De-Stressing] [Moaning] [Praise] [L-Bombs] [69]

11:08 · 6,643 plays
You want to tell me what to do? I'm here to serve you.

[M4F] [MSub] [Boyfriend] [Your Good Boy] [Miss] [Oral] [Praise] [Begging] [Fingering] [Bend Over] [Breeding] [Finish Inside]

14:56 · 21,705 plays
I'm sorry you had a stressful day. Do you want to talk about it?

[M4F] [Boyfriend] [Bad Day] [Comfort] [De-stressing] [Oral] [Your Toy] [Needy] [Use Me] [Hands in My Hair] [Guide Me] [Fingering] [Loving]

10:30 · 6,821 plays
You get home after an amazing day at work; you just submitted a project and got offered a promotion.

[M4F] [BFE] [MDom] [Teasing] [Reward] [Oral] [Holding Your Hips Down] [Table Sex] [Moaning] [Praise] [Finish Inside] [Aftercare] [Boyfriend]

15:53 · 10,393 plays
We're having a night at home in our PJs, and things...escalate.

[M4F] [MDom] [Making Out] [Slice of Life] [Giggles] [Boyfriend] [Praise] [Enthusiastic Consent] [PJs] [Compliments] [Grinding] [Penetration] [Begging] [Strong Language] [Breeding Talk] [Accent]

14:17 · 15,183 plays
I've actually never had a roommate before. recognize my voice?

[M4F] [Meta] [Shy To Confident] [Making Out] [Neck Kisses] [Praise] [Good Girl] [Oral] [Riding] [Get Loud for Me] [Lots of Giggles] [Roommates] [Strangers to Lovers]

18:22 · 9,928 plays
I wish I could stay with you in bed all day, but I have a lot of work to catch up on.

[M4F] [Boyfriend] [Giggles] [Sleepy] [Day at Home] [WFH] [Sweet] [Praise] [Compliments] [Oral] [Blowjob] [Quickie] [BFE]

11:29 · 6,661 plays
What do you think you're doing? (Not that I'm complaining.)

[M4F] [Boyfriend] [Waking Me Up] [Morning Sex] [Handjob] [Fingering] [Teasing] [Needy] [Grinding] [Praise] [Cutie] [Riding] [Hand Holding] [Light Choking]

10:54 · 7,414 plays
You always look beautiful, but I love that you want to show off for me.

[M4F] [Praise] [Bondage] [Oral] [Moaning] [Breeding] [Missionary] [Possessive] [Marking] [Finish Inside] [Aftercare] [MDom]

17:13 · 22,744 plays
I didn't mean to interrupt. Now that I'm here, mind if I join?

[M4F] [Boyfriend] [Quickie] [Walking in on You] [Your Pleasure] [Playing With You] [Giggles] [L-Bombs] [Straddling Me] [Grinding] [Penetration] [Kissing] [Moaning] [Praise]

7:37 · 13,423 plays
I've wanted to ask you something for a while...

[M4F] [Gentle MDom] [Boyfriend] [Oral] [Gentle to Rough] [Biting] [Hair Pulling] [Spanking] [Continual Consent] [Multiple Orgasms] [Aftercare] [First Time]

24:24 · 47,518 plays
You picked out the perfect secluded spot.

[M4F] [Beach] [Secluded Spot] [BFE] [Giggles] [L-Bombs] [Ocean SFX] [Compliments] [Sunscreen] [Massage] [Kisses] [Praise] [Checking In] [Penetration] [Boyfriend] [In Public]

13:15 · 6,836 plays
Your boyfriend wakes you up in the middle of the night to remind you of something.

[M4F] [BFE] [Sleep Play] [Intense Degradation] [Impreg] [Finish Inside] [Free Use] [Possessive] [Very Rough Sex] [Leg Lock] [Aftercare] [L-Bombs] [Planned Scene]

14:26 · 41,669 plays
You're out camping with your best friend near the town he grew up in. 

[M4F] [Friends To Lovers] [Shy] [Hiking] [Skinny Dipping] [Mutual Pining] [Making Out] [Playing With Each Other] [Moans] [Oral] [Body Adoration] [Riding] [Consent] [L-Bombs] [Aftercare] [Friends to Lovers]

17:40 · 11,535 plays
Your boyfriend got the penthouse suite as a surprise, and you are both blown away by the view. 

[M4F] [BFE] [Weekend Trip] [Marking] [Possessive] [Praise] [Oral] [Standing Sex] [Rough] [Passionate] [Exhibitionism] [Boyfriend]

26:24 · 12,072 plays
You seemed like you were having fun tonight. Are you still a little buzzed?

[M4F] [After a Party] [Sweaty] [Tipsy] [BFE] [Lots of Giggles] [Possessive] [Good Girl] [Grinding] [Praise] [L-Bombs] [Encouragement] [Penetration] [Moaning] [Oral] [Boyfriend]

11:28 · 12,543 plays
Are you busy right now? Can you help me with something in the studio?

[M4F] [Accent] [Meta] [Behind the Scenes] [A Favor] [Using You] [Awkward Banter] [Giggles] [Oral] [Praise] [Boyfriend] [Comfy]

11:49 · 7,965 plays
I can't help myself—I adore you.

[M4F] [Boyfriend] [Adoration] [Kisses] [Praise] [Service Dom] [Fingering] [Oral] [Loving]

10:20 · 29,168 plays
So...what do you think?! Should we try it out?

[M4F] [Accent] [Giggles] [Package] [Unboxing] [Cheeky Gift] [Vibrator] [Toy] [Couch] [Playing With You] [My Lap] [Praise] [Moaning] [Penetration] [Finish Inside] [Eye Contact] [L-Bombs] [Boyfriend]

8:48 · 15,618 plays
This is something I've been wanting to try for a while. You can use this as a JOI, a Sleep Aid, or just cozy background noise.

[M4F] [Experimental] [Direct-to-Listener] [Praise] [Good Girl] [ASMR] [Neck Kisses] [Proud of You] [Encouragement] [Repetition]

4:58 · 23,186 plays
Relax in my lap, baby.

[M4F] [Accent] [BFE] [Boyfriend] [JOI] [Guided Masturbation] [Oral] [Cuddles] [Sleepy] [Countdown] [Praise]

9:52 · 13,209 plays
We're halfway through our long-haul flight and you're in the mood for some risky behavior.

[M4F] [BFE] [Airplane] [Mile High Club] [Risky] [Blowjob] [Baby] [Almost Caught] [Bathroom] [Penetration] [Mirror Sex] [Camera] [Recording] [Finish in Mouth]

12:11 · 3,371 plays
You just got home from a weekend away, and I cooked you dinner. Do you want me to heat it up?

[M4F] [Accent] [Boyfriend] [BFE] [L-Bombs] [Sweet] [Loving] [Giggles] [I Missed You] [Grinding] [Teasing] [Needy] [Praise] [Body Appreciation] [Oral]

12:46 · 13,633 plays
I get home after my follow-up appointment with some very good news.

[M4F] [BFE] [Breeding Talk] [MDom] [Anxiety Free] [Rough Sex] [Good Girl] [Praise] [Daddy] [Spanking] [Mating Press] [Oral] [Making Out] [L-Bombs] [SFX] [Boyfriend]

20:45 · 27,404 plays
You got a call out-of-the-blue from an old friend (and fuck buddy) you knew in college. (CW: Very rough)

[M4F] [Old Friends] [Pinned] [Degradation] [Strong Language] [Rough] [Condescending] [Spanking] [Hair Pulling] [Oral] [Praise] [Possessive] [Aftercare]

27:50 · 23,033 plays
You meet me out clubbing, and we sneak away before our friends realize we’re gone.

[M4F] [Risky] [Party Dress] [Cheeky Degradation] [Praise] [Kissing] [Against the Wall] [Oral] [Standing Doggy] [Blowjob] [Mutual Orgasm] [Exchanging Numbers] [Sweet] [Strangers]

9:46 · 7,806 plays
I'm moving away, so I take you to one of my favorite spots to tell you something important.

[M4F] [Childhood Friends To Lovers] [Confession] [Making Out] [Mutual Masturbation] [Oral] [Riding] [Wholesome] [Hand Holding] [L-Bomb] [Friends to Lovers] [Loving]

19:48 · 11,970 plays
You don't usually go to house parties, but you knew that I — your friend's older brother — was going to be there.

[M4F] [House Party] [Nervous] [Lots of Giggles] [Going Slow] [First Time] [Grinding] [Fingering] [Praise] [Cutie] [Oral] [No Penetration] [Friend's Older Brother]

26:23 · 9,719 plays
I thought I would switch it up. No story this time—just me.

[M4F] [Ramblefap] [Accent] [Unscripted] [Direct-to-Listener] [Moaning] [Dirty Talk] [Masturbation] [Overheard] [Breeding Talk] [Ramble]

11:37 · 32,192 plays
How'd you sleep baby?

[M4F] [Accent] [Boyfriend] [Sweet] [Giggling] [Loving] [Sleeping In] [Lots of Praise] [Encouragement] [Compliments] [SFX] [Fingering] [Moaning] [Taking Care of You] [Grinding] [Good Girl] [Praise]

12:13 · 14,247 plays
It's late and you're working from home. After a string of awful meetings, I come in to check in on you.

[M4F] [Accent] [BFE] [WFH] [Under the Desk] [Thigh Worship] [Body Worship] [Slippery Slope] [Oral] [Fingering] [Grinding] [Use Me]

11:30 · 9,755 plays
We always work out at the same time and you finally work up the courage to say hi.

[M4F] [Strangers to Lovers] [Gym] [Late Night] [In Public] [Flirty] [Locker Room] [Shower Sex] [Oral] [From Behind] [Reach Around] [Praise] [Blowjob] [Aftercare]

21:59 · 4,333 plays
We have some time before our guests arrive — what should we do for 30 minutes?

[M4F] [Boyfriend] [Pre-Dinner Party] [Making Out] [Sweet] [Teasing] [Grinding] [Temptation] [L-Bombs] [Praise] [Clothed] [Handjob] [Moaning] [Quickie]

11:19 · 5,932 plays
You visit your favorite professor after hours and you're embarrassed to admit why.

[M4F] [After Hours] [Let Me Teach You] [Teasing] [Grinding] [Praise] [Bent Over The Desk] [Good Girl] [Checking In] [Using A Vibe] [Teacher/Student]

20:33 · 22,526 plays
I know I usually stay in bed with you longer in the mornings, but I have an early start today. I can't be late for work.

[M4F] [MDom] [Call in Sick] [Good Girl] [Oral] [Fingering] [Beg for It] [Praise] [Marking] [Hair Pulling] [Tasting Us] [Boyfriend] [Finish Inside]

19:30 · 17,107 plays
We just got back home from our big reception.

[M4F] [Newlyweds] [Desperate] [Making Out] [Straight To The Bedroom] [Oral] [Toy] [Addicted To You] [Praise] [Gentle To Rough] [Multiple Orgasms] [Finish Inside] [Intense Breeding Talk] [L-Bombs] [Aftercare] [Loving]

17:01 · 36,980 plays
You spent the evening hiding from our guests, and now that everyone's gone, I come to check on you.

[M4F] [BFE] [Anxiety Comfort] [Sweet] [Understanding] [Cuddling] [Kissing] [Fingering] [Grinding] [Gentle] [L-Bombs] [No Pressure] [Cockwarming]

12:02 · 6,010 plays
When a snowstorm knocks the power out, you ask if we can cuddle to keep warm.

[M4F] [Roommates] [Blizzard] [Power Outage] [Spooning] [Grinding] [Baby] [Kissing] [Thigh Fucking] [Moaning] [No Penetration]

11:17 · 6,685 plays
You've been seeing me, your new personal trainer, for over a month now.

[M4F] [Slow Build] [Praise] [Body Worship] [Workout Gear] [In Public] [Gym to Ourselves] [Eye Contact] [Gentle to Rough] [Consent Checks] [Finish Inside]

18:50 · 8,346 plays
You walk in on me, your best friend's roommate.

[M4F] [Rough MDom] [Acquaintances To FWB] [Walking in on Me] [Handjob] [Oral] [Size Difference] [Light Degradation] [Praise] [Instructions] [From Behind] [FWB]

14:02 · 16,427 plays
I invite you to my brother’s wedding, and we sneak off once the reception starts dying down.

[M4F] [FWB To Lovers] [Best Man] [Body Appreciation] [Grinding] [Riding] [Hold the Moan] [Gentle To Rough] [Oral] [Mirror] [Spanking] [Hair Grabbing] [Giggles] [FWB to Lovers]

20:07 · 13,681 plays
You planned this, didn't you? You look so good in the rain.

[M4F] [Boyfriend] [In Public] [Forest Hike] [Romantic Surprise] [Dirty Talk] [Praise] [From Behind] [Accent] [Outdoors] [Romance]

13:33 · 10,957 plays
Back from work—I missed you.

[MF] [Collab] [Couple] [Kissing] [Playful] [Praise] [Moaning] [Please] [Breeding] [Finish Inside] [Overheard Sex]

12:52 · 76,613 plays
Things are heating up after our date night when you stop and ask for something we've never tried.

[M4F] [BFE] [First Time] [Butt Stuff] [Foreplay] [Slow] [Praise] [Communication] [Check-Ins] [Moaning] [Good Girl] [Loving] [Aftercare] [L-Bombs]

23:20 · 5,939 plays
Today has been awful, but you always have a way of making me feel better.

[M4F] [Loving MDom] [Boyfriend] [Cutie] [Oral] [Praise] [Moaning] [Play With Yourself] [Begging] [Good Girl] [BFE] [MDom]

10:46 · 8,180 plays
We've been taking things slow, but tonight we agree to take the next step together.

[M4F] [Gentle] [Boyfriend] [New Relationship] [Healthy Communication] [Kissing] [Sweet] [Giggles] [Oral] [Hands in my Hair] [Guide Me] [Fingering] [Check-Ins] [Praise]

14:45 · 9,605 plays
Even between best friends, a little game can change everything.

[MF] [COLLAB] [Best Friends to Lovers] [Playful] [Stripping] [Kissing] [Orgasm Together] [From Behind] [Accents] [Couple] [Friends to Lovers]

14:58 · 28,043 plays
Really? After all this time, that’s the thing you're upset about?

[M4F] [Exes] [Mean MDom] [Car Sex] [Very Rough] [Hate Sex] [In Public] [Oral] [Degradation] [Arguing] [Teasing You] [Calling You Names] [Inner Monologue] [No Aftercare] [SFX] [Rough]

17:58 · 19,680 plays
I couldn't think about anything but you all day.

[M4F] [MSub] [BFE] [Pent Up] [Use Me] [Oral] [Rough] [Face Riding] [Good Boy] [Needy] [Moaning] [Begging] [Dirty Talk] [Hair Pulling] [Desperate] [Ruin Me]

8:59 · 17,716 plays
Oh it's nothing...sometimes when I work out and get the blood happens.

[M4F] [BFE] [Post-Workout] [Sweet] [Teasing] [Mutual Masturbation] [Voyeurism] [Praise] [Handjob] [Fingering] [69] [Moaning] [Baby] [Atta Girl]

13:31 · 5,925 plays
I know it's ridiculous, but I'm nervous about going to university still a virgin.

[M4F] [Gaming] [Slow Build] [Friends To Lovers] [First Time] [Mutual Pining] [Legal Teens] [First Kiss] [Mutual Masturbation] [Oral] [Fingering] [L-Bombs] [Friends to Lovers] [Confession]

27:18 · 22,827 plays
You're super nervous about a presentation you have today. Is there anything I can do to help?

[M4F] [Roommates] [Talk to Me] [Reassurance] [Fingering] [Praise] [Proud of You] [Certified Cutie] [Kisses] [Stress Relief]

11:07 · 10,287 plays
You work up the courage to tell me something that's been bothering you for a while. (CW: Rough sex, strong language)

[M4F] [MDom] [Daddy] [Spanking] [Choking] [Degradation] [Praise] [Consent] [Rough Oral] [Mirror Sex] [Finish Inside] [Making a Video] [Rough]

25:32 · 47,084 plays
I'm embarrassed to ask but...can we cuddle for a bit?

[M4F] [Friends To Lovers] [Comfort] [Spooning] [Grinding] [Marking] [Fingering] [Cuddlefuck] [Finish Inside] [Mutual Orgasm] [Friends to Lovers] [Roommates]

15:20 · 21,420 plays
Your partner has been waiting patiently for you to wake up.

[M4F] [BFE] [Waking Up Next To You] [Sweet] [Cozy] [Making Out] [Body Worship] [Thigh Kisses] [Oral] [Fingering] [Grinding] [L-Bombs Galore] [Grab My Hair] [Use My Mouth] [Giggles] [Aftercare] [Cuddling]

11:35 · 7,397 plays
You let me sneak in before your boyfriend gets home.

[M4F] [Accent] [Cheating] [Infidelity] [Lay Back] [Quickie] [Oral] [Wet Sounds] [SFX] [Moaning] [Dirty Talk] [Teasing] [Giggles] [Degradation] [Strong Language]

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I've missed you, come here. I haven't seen you in weeks.

[M4F] [MDom] [Eager] [Making Out] [Marking] [Praise] [Good Girl] [Passionate] [Dirty Talk] [Hair Pulling] [Breeding] [Multiple Creampies]

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The maintenance for your building comes around to fix a reported leak.

[M4F] [Strangers To Lovers] [SFX] [Teasing You] [Exhibitionism] [Cliche] [Plumber Puns] [Making Out] [Toys] [Rough] [Primal] [Praise] [From Behind] [Oral] [Two Orgasms] [Cheesy] [Cute] [Strangers to Lovers]

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You spent the whole night teasing me.

[M4F] [MDom] [Accent] [Boyfriend] [BFE] [Spanking] [Marking] [Good Girl] [Grinding] [Praise] [Some Degradation] [Doggy] [From Behind]

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You and your boyfriend had planned a cute fall picnic, but the weather took a turn for the worse.

[M4F] [BFE] [Staying In] [Matching PJs] [In Bed] [Cute And Cozy] [Making Out] [Teasing] [Oral] [Toy] [Praise] [Encouragement] [Good Girl] [Aftercare Snuggles] [Cuddles] [Loving]

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If you’re okay taking the reins tonight, I think we could make that work.

[MDom] [Topping From Bottom] [Good Girl] [Daddy] [Praise] [Instructions] [Oral] [Mutual Masturbation] [Degradation] [L-Bombs] [Switchy] [Face Sitting] [Grinding] [Aftercare] [Boyfriend]

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Thank you for letting me try this. It's even better than I imagined.

[M4F] [Gentle MDom] [Bondage] [Praise] [Oral] [Fingering] [Beg for It] [Good Girl] [Penetration] [Moaning] [Blindfold]

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Turns out I can be a lot more confident than you realized.

[M4F] [MDom] [Rough] [Shy Roommate] [Mutual Pining] [Teasing] [Slow Build] [Making Out] [Fingering] [Oral] [Neck Kisses] [Riding] [From Behind] [Finish Inside] [Roommates]

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Our friendly hangout turns into something more.

[M4F] [Friends to Lovers] [Video Games and Movie Night] [Neck Kisses] [Riding] [Missionary] [Praise] [Marking] [Accent] [Confession of Love]

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I made the mistake of opening your texts at work today, and now I'm rushing back to my hotel room so I can call you.

[M4F] [Business Trip] [Boyfriend] [Teasing] [Pent Up] [Desperate] [Phone Sex] [Praise] [Mutual Masturbation] [Voyeurism] [Toys] [L-Bombs]

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You can't sleep? Maybe you need to empty your mind.

[M4F] [Boyfriend] [Insomnia] [Sweet] [Cuddly] [Relaxing] [Fingering] [Praise] [Good Girl] [Loving] [Gentle] [Baby] [Cutie] [Head Empty] [Sleep Aid]

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Hi, sorry to bother you, but is everything okay?

[M4F] [Dorm Neighbors] [Strangers to Lovers] [Heard You Scream] [Embarrassed] [Nervous] [Penetration] [Praise] [Encouragement] [Blowjob] [Good to Meet You]

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