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Male • 56,774 subscribers • 9,298,766 playsReal fictional man


Male • 56,774 subscribers • 9,298,766 plays
Real fictional man

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You're a renowned healer on your planet, but who takes care of you?

[M4F] [Sci-Fi] [Binaural] [Healing Ceremony] [Beach] [Mysterious] [Mommy] [Slow Build] [Bathtub] [Riding] [Choking] [Use Me] [Sci-Fibrator] [Praise] [Crying] [Intimate] [69] [Aftercare]

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If my wife wants it, my wife gets it.

[M4F] [Flowers] [Wife] [Husband] [Flirting] [Banter] [Takeout] [Counter Sex] [Oral] [Fingering] [Praise] [SFX] [Possessive] [All Mine] [Made for Me] [L-Bombs] [Moaning] [Penetration] [Finish Inside] [Aftercare]

25:50 · 44,522 plays
You introduce me to a different side of myself, and he’s a little mean.

[M4F] [MMF] [Sci-Fi] [Series] [Charming] [Knowledgeable] [Mirror] [Split Self] [Threesome] [MSub and MDom] [Oral] [Praise] [Degradation] [Slut] [Using You] [Penetration] [DP]

33:28 · 15,697 plays
I'll do anything to make it up to you.

[M4F] [MSub] [Boyfriend] [Argument] [Apology] [Groveling] [Begging] [Oral] [Forgive Me] [Penetration] [Switchy] [Possessive] [Praise] [Degradation] [Aftercare]

21:59 · 48,914 plays
I think you’re really going to like these photos.

[M4F] [MDom] [Boudoir Photographer] [Nervous] [Sensual] [Slow Undressing] [Flustered] [Praise] [Crawling] [Seductive] [Oral] [Photos] [Masturbation] [Showing Off] [Penetration] [Bilingual] [French]

26:29 · 28,892 plays
I knew this dress was trouble.

[M4F] [MDom] [Picnic] [Sundress] [Praise] [Needy] [In Public] [Seductive] [Dirty Talk] [Hold the Moan] [Fingering] [Whispering] [Good Girl] [Risky] [Eye Contact] [Penetration] [Spanking] [Gag] [Finish Inside]

27:09 · 44,220 plays
To get accurate results, it’s very important that you follow my directions.

[M4F] [MDom] [Doctor] [Study] [Mean] [Follow Directions] [Degradation] [Fingering] [Orgasm Control] [Stern] [Take It] [Whispering] [Orgasm Without Permission] [Aftercare]

21:22 · 43,890 plays
I’ve never been this nervous for a showing.

[M4F] [Finale] [Dark Blue Suit] [Stealing Glances] [Sneaking Away] [It Has Pockets] [Against the Wall] [Good Boy] [Switch] [Power Struggle] [Fingering] [Penetration] [Infinity Mirror]

29:53 · 23,149 plays
It's pouring out there. I guess we can wait it out together?

[M4F] [Rain] [Forgotten Umbrella] [Warming You Up] [Exes to Lovers] [Reminiscing] [Greg] [Against a Wall] [In Public] [MDom] [Fingering] [Teasing] [Possessive] [Edging] [Orgasm Control] [Praise] [Exes]

30:39 · 51,586 plays
Be ready in the living room at exactly 8 p.m.

[M4F] [MDom] [BFE] [DDlg] [Consent] [Instructions] [Possessive] [Rough] [Butt Plug] [Spanking] [Orgasms Without Permission] [Blowjob] [Praise] [Degradation] [Intense] [Penetration] [Aftercare]

43:10 · 62,463 plays
Yes, Chef. I can see you're very busy — I’ll go back to my station right away.

[M4F] [MSub] [Yes Chef] [Instructions] [Tasting] [Moaning] [Whimpering] [Desperate] [Using My Words] [Praise] [Handjob] [Edging] [On My Knees] [Oral] [Penetration] [Begging] [Co-workers]

29:39 · 61,458 plays
Welcome to The Purple Room.

[M4F] [Mirrors] [Body Appreciation] [Lots of Praise] [And More Praise] [Encouragement] [Throne] [Princess] [Good Girl] [On My Knees] [Oral] [Wet Sounds] [Masturbation] [Watching Yourself] [Instructions] [Moaning] [Countdown] [Praise]

18:43 · 40,325 plays
You’re fidgeting. Is the anticipating getting to you?

[M4F] [Continued] [MDom] [Co-Workers] [My Favorite Skirt] [Infidelity] [Office Sex] [Using You] [Sir] [Name-calling] [Oral] [Under My Desk] [Rough] [Submission] [Degradation] [Spanking] [Butt Stuff] [Co-workers]

46:21 · 120,199 plays
We’ll see you tonight at our place.

[M4F] [MMF] [MDom] [Phone Call] [Binaural] [House Party] [In Public] [Playing With You] [Fingering] [Edging] [Making You Wait] [Oral] [DP] [Riding] [Grinding] [Butt Stuff] [Anal] [Fucking Greg]

29:17 · 91,067 plays
Fine. I'll let you attempt to heal me.

[M4F] [Fantasy] [Magic] [SFX] [Venom] [You Heal Me] [Then I Heal You] [Deep Voice] [Moaning] [Breathing] [Use Me] [As You Wish] [Arcane Arts] [Switch] [Oral] [Penetration] [Slow Down] [Degradation] [Good Witch]

17:15 · 44,327 plays
I thought you learned your lesson.

[M4F] [Getting Even Part 2] [MDom] [Degradation] [Punishment] [Mean] [Biting] [Oral] [Possessive] [Lots of Edging] [Controlling] [Bondage] [Pussy Slaps] [Earn It] [New Toy] [Beg for It] [Fucktoy] [Feral] [100th Audio!]

40:10 · 74,116 plays
Promise me you’ll use the safe word if it’s too much.

[M4F] [MDom] [Gift] [Toys] [Overstimulation] [BFE] [Restraints] [SFX] [Safe Word] [Good Girl] [Bondage] [Belt] [Vibrator] [Possessive] [Degradation] [And Praise] [Eye Contact] [Penetration] [Boyfriend]

31:23 · 312,550 plays
Who is that — is she an actress? Why do I feel like I know her?

[M4F] [Meet Cute] [Strangers to Lovers] [Celebrity] [Red Carpet] [After Party] [Champagne] [Flirting] [Against a Wall] [Penetration] [Degradation] [Praise] [MDom] [Riding]

25:52 · 51,866 plays
Was it really not recording that whole time?

[M4F] [MDom] [Ramble] [No Foreplay] [Mean] [Bad Mood] [Messed Up My Audio] [Masturbation] [Pent Up] [Degradation] [Name-Calling] [Slut] [Fantasizing] [Orgasm Control] [Face-Fucking] [Dick Slaps] [Feral] [Facial]

15:51 · 85,518 plays
It's almost like you want to get caught.

[M4F] [Mean MDom] [Coworkers] [Conference] [Degradation] [Condescending] [Rough] [Infidelity] [Daddy] [Strong Language] [Fingering] [Choking] [Penetration] [Tasting Yourself] [Oral] [Facial] [MDom]

31:10 · 82,034 plays
I'm going to whisper in your ear — for science of course.

[M4F] [Brain Waves] [While You Listen to Me] [Dirty Talk] [Two Way Mirror] [Reading Smut] [Going Off Script] [Guided Masturbation] [Praise] [Binaural] [Countdown] [Doctor]

23:15 · 59,286 plays
I'll take off your heels for you. Left foot, please.

[M4F] [MDom] [Karaoke] [End of the Night] [Topping From Bottom] [Binaural] [Good Girl] [Oral] [Telling You What to Do to Me] [Grinding] [Finish Inside] [Sound Effects] [Praise] [Topping from Bottom]

37:13 · 160,440 plays
Is this everyone? Ready to start down the trail?

[M4F] [Hiking Guide] [Outdoors] [In Public] [Nature SFX] [Swimming] [Skinny Dipping] [MDom] [Oral] [Face Sitting] [Penetration]

27:52 · 44,936 plays
I’m sorry I was late. I promise I’ll do better.

[M4F] [MSub] [Punishment] [Bondage] [Safe Word] [Handjob] [Edging] [Begging] [Honey] [Desperate] [Whimpering] [Riding] [I Belong to You] [Gagging] [Muffled Moaning]

15:12 · 73,593 plays
Sorry I'm tispy — Greg made us take shots tonight.

[M4F] [After a Night Out] [Boyfriend] [Voice Note] [Lo-Fi] [Unscripted] [Possessive] [Hiccups] [Dirty Talk] [Imagining You] [Praise] [And Degradation] [Masturbation] [Lube] [Moaning] [Voice Memo]

17:27 · 65,361 plays
Welcome to The Blue Room.

[M4F] [Last Room] [Laying Down] [Tranquil] [Relaxing] [De-stressing] [Pleasure] [Deep Breaths] [Praise] [Good Girl] [Worship] [Compliments] [Clit Play] [Whispering] [Talking You Through It] [Oral] [Whispers] [Gentle]

24:38 · 39,694 plays
I wake up to you watching me — apparently you had a really good dream.

[M4F] [Boyfriend] [MDom] [Whispering] [Cozy Morning Vibes] [Pancakes] [Praise] [Fingering] [SFX] [Moaning] [Edging] [Riding] [Slow Sex] [Eye Contact] [Emotional] [Crying] [L-Bombs] [BFE]

22:52 · 108,513 plays
There are no rooms left, but let's make a deal.

[M4F] [MDom] [No Vacancy] [Blizzard] [Holidays] [Banter] [Whispering] [Spooning] [Fingering] [Ribbon Restraints] [Pussy Slaps] [Pretty Present] [Penetration] [Light Choking] [Hotel]

34:00 · 69,581 plays
Sorry — just have to finish this quest. I didn’t know you’d be home for dinner tonight.

[M4F] [BFE] [Established Relationship] [Romance] [Massage] [Body Worship] [Praise] [MDom] [Penetration] [Pillow Under Stomach] [Boyfriend]

27:42 · 103,664 plays
Do you surrender yourself to me?

[Continued] [M4F] [Vampire] [Countdown] [Penetration] [Submit to Me] [Possessive] [All Mine] [Biting You] [MDom]

6:51 · 24,528 plays
This time you're begging me.

[M4F] [MDom] [Binaural] [Smooch Tax] [I Went Shopping] [Restraints] [Vibrator] [Nipple Play] [Praise] [Degradation] [Spanking] [Fingering] [Pussy Slaps] [Teasing] [Edging] [Multiple Orgasms] [Oral] [Penetration] [Possessive]

38:56 · 101,900 plays
You have five minutes to grab anything in the store and I’ll buy it for you.

[M4F] [MDom] [Spoiling You] [Dressing Room] [Praise] [Kisses] [Whispering] [Daddy] [Fingering] [Hold the Moan] [Mirror Sex] [Teasing] [Eye Contact] [Penetration] [Finish Inside]

21:02 · 101,674 plays
I know we said we wouldn't catch feelings, but those other guys don't deserve you.

[M4F] [Jealousy] [Possessive] [Fucking Greg] [Confession] [Emotional] [FWBs] [I Want More] [MDom] [Edging] [Fingering] [L-Bombs] [Degradation] [Moaning] [Penetration] [Jealous]

30:04 · 122,390 plays
Your planet reminds me of home...or at least, how home should be.

[M4F] [Sci-Fi] [Series] [Gardens] [Earthy] [Hospitable] [Sensitive] [Cautious] [Slow Build] [Maze] [Chasing] [Playful] [Mutual Masturbation] [Sneaky] [Hold the Moan] [Oral] [No Penetration]

34:05 · 14,307 plays
What are you doing under that blanket?

[M4F] [Silent Movie] [Cozy] [Whispering] [In Public] [Banter] [BFE] [Fingering] [Hold the Moan] [MDom] [Degradation] [Clit Play] [Dirty Talk] [Teasing] [Ask Nicely] [Grinding] [Praise] [Handjob]

23:23 · 53,009 plays
I can guide your hands if that helps.

[M4F] [Guitar Lesson] [Sexual Tension] [Flirting] [Nervous] [Finger Placement] [Singing] [Praise] [Rhythm] [Firm but Precise] [Upstrokes] [Neck Kisses] [Fingering] [Good Girl] [Riding] [Finish Inside]

38:27 · 76,858 plays
You’ve got a lot on your mind. How can I help?

[M4F] [BFE] [Comfort] [Praise] [Whispers] [Binaural] [Smooch Tax] [Kissing] [Oral] [Lots of Wet Sounds] [Good Girl] [Moaning] [Grab My Hair] [Penetration] [Round Two] [Slow] [Eye Contact] [Multiple Orgasms]

31:11 · 147,824 plays
It’s not cheating if we don’t touch each other.

[M4F] [BFs Roommate] [Infidelity] [Making Out] [Praise] [What I Would Do If I Could] [Dick Slaps] [Fingers in Mouth] [Instructions] [Mutual Masturbation] [Mutual Orgasm] [Almost Caught] [By You-Know-Who] [Guided]

18:47 · 25,137 plays
Sharing is caring.

[M4F] [MDom] [Party] [BFE] [In Front of Our Friends] [Exhibitionism] [If the Vibe Is Right] [Consent] [Sitting on My Lap] [Fingering] [Maintaining Small Talk] [Dune 2] [Praise] [Degradation] [Poor Thing] [Needy] [Neck Kisses] [Aftercare]

25:37 · 61,141 plays
Just cuddling you to sleep with some guided meditation vibes. (Recommend queueing up "Silence - 8 Hours" following this audio.)

[M4F] [Sleep Aid] [Comfort] [SFW] [Cozy] [Spooning] [Whispering] [Breathing] [Praise] [Meditation] [Visualization] [SFX]

20:01 · 124,833 plays
I woke up like this.

[M4F] [MDom] [Ramble] [Sleepy] [Morning] [Birds are Birding] [Masturbation] [Whispering] [Dirty Talk] [Degradation] [Praise] [Commanding] [Encouragement] [Good Girl] [Let Me Hear You] [Possessive] [Strong Language] [Slut] [Moaning]

16:26 · 65,059 plays
I leave you alone for two seconds — and look what happens.

[M4F] [MDom] [Negroni Sbagliato] [Boyfriend] [Jealous] [Possessive] [Bar Fight] [Angry] [Intense] [Bathroom Sex] [Whispers] [Teasing] [Penetration] [Praise] [And Degradation]

25:53 · 195,736 plays
I'm tired, but not that tired.

[M4F] [Binaural] [Ramble] [Horny] [Late Night] [Masturbation] [Lube] [Visualizing] [Fantasizing] [Edging] [Moaning] [Shaky Breathing] [Praise] [Getting Close] [Backing Off] [Then Getting Close Again] [Multiple Loud Orgasms]

37:34 · 84,941 plays
Table for two please.

[M4F] [Remote Toy] [In Public] [Boyfriend] [MDom] [Brunch] [Booth] [Coffee] [Strict Pleasure Dom] [Hold the Moan] [Read to Me] [Edging] [Permission] [Eye Contact]

17:42 · 44,917 plays
This movie is an absolute classic.

[M4F] [Movie Night] [Night of the Living Dead] [Thigh Riding] [Grinding] [Hold the Moan] [Whispers] [Oral] [Under the Blanket] [Hair Pull] [Rough] [Praise and Degradation] [Bathroom Hookup] [Penetration]

28:30 · 261,517 plays
I'm Commander Naudio, the emissary from Terra.

[M4F] [Series] [Narrative] [Inner Monologue] [Sci-Fi] [Astrology] [Researchers to Lovers] [Awkward Flirting] [Renewable Energy] [Massage] [Pleasure Dom] [Oral] [Messy] [Praise] [Penetration] [Saying Goodbye]

36:20 · 37,259 plays
The stunts in this audio are performed by trained professionals. Do not attempt, unless parked.

[M4F] [Ramble] [Direct to Listener] [Story Time] [Masturbation] [Ride to the Airport] [Fingering] [Grinding On My Hand] [Eyes on the Road] [Oral] [Road Head]

18:21 · 46,313 plays
I'll meet you guys there — I just need to take care of something first.

[M4F] [Almost Caught] [Nervous] [Awkward] [Crush] [Masturbation] [Voyeurism] [Moaning] [Mumbling] [Thinking of You] [Fantasizing About You]

16:08 · 128,944 plays
You're a renowned healer on your planet, but who takes care of you?

[M4F] [Sci-Fi] [Binaural] [Healing Ceremony] [Beach] [Mysterious] [Mommy] [Slow Build] [Bathtub] [Riding] [Choking] [Use Me] [Sci-Fibrator] [Praise] [Crying] [Intimate] [69] [Aftercare]

40:55 · 6,994 plays
This is my studio, my rules.

[M4F] [Inner Monologue] [Narration] [In Medias Res] [Switching] [Taking Control] [MDom] [Teasing] [Pinning You Down] [Power Struggle] [My Turn] [Edging You] [Oral] [Fingering] [Praise] [The Janitor] [Interrupted] [Cliffhanger] [Switch]

26:17 · 25,435 plays
You get out of the shower but don't make it very far.

34:50 · 107,519 plays
Let's just finish this scene and then you never have to see me again.

[M4F] [Actors] [Director Greg] [Costars] [Trailer] [Enemies to Lovers] [Argument] [Acting Lesson] [Good Girl] [Improv] [Accent] [MSub] [Use Me] [Darling] [Oral] [Cameras Up] [Sex Scene]

19:48 · 47,627 plays
I wasn't a good boyfriend back then, and I'm sorry for how I treated you.

[M4F] [Spooky] [Exes] [Reconnecting] [Teasing] [Forest] [Flirty] [Memory Lane] [Oral] [Fingering] [Forceful] [Sweetheart] [Rough] [Spanking] [Alternate Endings]

28:10 · 38,353 plays
You've been teasing me with pictures and voice notes all day long.

[M4F] [Rough MDom] [Daddy] [Strong Language] [Mean] [Degradation] [Edging] [You Tease Me] [Tease You] [Revenge] [Oral] [Wet Sounds] [Squirming] [Patience] [Restraints] [Finish Inside] [MDom] [Rough]

32:02 · 403,204 plays
Have you had dinner? Let me help you feel better.

[M4F] [Boyfriend] [Slice of Life] [Binaural] [Bad Day] [Venting] [Asshole Boss] [Taking Care of You] [Sweet to Rough] [Neck Kisses] [Oral] [Praise] [Missionary] [Nipple Play] [Spanking] [Doggy]

31:00 · 99,756 plays
Trying something new.

[M4F] [Direct to Listener] [No Scenario] [Unscripted] [Listener Requests] [Please Me] [Tease Me] [Daddy] [Beg] [Oral] [Desperate]

28:34 · 89,847 plays
Where can I novels?

[M4F] [At the Library] [Binaural] [Whispering] [Be Quiet] [Flirty Banter] [In Public] [Against a Bookshelf] [Eye Contact] [Hair Grabbing] [Oral] [Passionate] [Rough] [Praise] [Degradation]

43:58 · 129,753 plays
There's no occasion. I just wanted to do something lovely for you.

[M4F] [Golden Retriever Husband] [And Also Service Dom] [Making You Dinner] [Acts of Service] [Massage] [Oral] [Countertop Sex] [Praise] [Penetration] [Feeding You] [MDom]

24:30 · 76,225 plays
This definitely could not have just been an email.

[M4F] [MDom] [Coworkers] [Zoom] [Go Away Greg] [Guided Masturbation] [Mutual Masturbation] [Good Girl] [Praise] [Encouragement] [Dirty Talk] [Quickie] [Instructions]

14:44 · 51,990 plays
Do you trust me? You shouldn’t.

[Accent] [M4F] [Vampire] [Will You Pass] [The Test] [Forest] [Pain Play] [Servant] [Degradation] [Good Girl] [Tolerance] [Discipline] [Spanking] [Rough] [Using You] [Fingering] [MDom]

14:12 · 39,510 plays
Welcome to The Gold Room.

[M4F] [MSub] [Needy] [Greed] [Extravagance] [Jewelry] [Car Sex] [Take Whatever You Want] [All Yours] [Intense] [Desperate] [Penetration] [Riding Me] [Oral] [Lots of SFX] [Butt Stuff]

25:45 · 57,587 plays
I just can’t concentrate today.

[M4F] [Direct to Listener] [Ramble] [Binaural] [Masturbation] [Moaning] [Talking You Through It] [Praise] [Degradation] [Possessive] [Edging] [Countdown] [Penetration] [Oral] [Round Two]

32:18 · 147,277 plays
No one has to know about your interrogation methods.

[M4F] [Sci-Fi] [Arrested] [Lie Detector] [Seduction] [Dangerous] [Power Struggle] [Consent] [MDom] [Bondage] [Grinding] [Condescending] [Praise] [Spanking] [Beg for It] [From Behind] [Finish Inside]

33:21 · 23,094 plays
Listen to this when you're sitting down and working.

[M4F] [At Your Desk] [At Work] [No One Has to Know] [Praise] [Degradation] [Direct to Listener] [Moaning] [Try Not to React] [In Public] [Fingering] [Oral] [Stroking Myself] [Finishing on You]

46:31 · 51,828 plays
Congratulations on the promotion — you deserve it.

[M4F] [Infidelity] [Co-workers] [Corner Office] [Slap] [Rough] [Name-calling] [Degradation] [Mean] [Daddy] [Submission] [Slut] [Strong Language] [Moaning] [Dirty Talk]

26:58 · 190,699 plays
Maybe we should try it out...for science.

[M4F] [Boyfriend] [BFE] [The Dock and Rock] [Coital Alignment] [Communication] [Binaural] [Praise] [Praise Dom] [Grinding] [Moaning] [Encouragement] [SFX] [Edging] [Mutual Orgasm] [Countdown] [Finish Inside]

23:38 · 79,589 plays
Welcome to The Pink Room.

[M4F] [Seven Rooms] [Lobby] [Safe Word] [Lust] [Guiding You] [The Pink Room] [Neck Kisses] [Lots of Consent] [Heart Beat] [SFX] [Grinding] [Fingering] [Choking] [Rough] [Countdown]

21:40 · 64,162 plays
Welcome to The Orange Room.

[M4F] [The Orange Room] [Oral] [Overindulgence] [Deep] [Moaning] [Eye Contact] [Touch Yourself] [Praise] [Good Girl] [Face Sitting] [Wet Sounds] [Grinding]

19:00 · 37,956 plays
The critics call my paintings “abstract,” but I call them order.

[Intro] [1M Plays] [Thank You] [M4F] [Series] [Inner Monologue] [Slow Burn] [Opposites Attract] [Watching You] [Ruined Painting] [Massage] [Fucking Greg] [Masturbation] [Watching Me] [Caught]

32:01 · 36,365 plays
It’s different over here from the passenger seat.

[M4F] [Infidelity] [Older Man] [Home for Thanksgiving] [Take Control] [Grocery Run] [Confession] [Whimpers] [Handjob] [Oral] [Penetration] [MSub] [Age Difference]

20:09 · 50,856 plays
Thanks to everyone who helped me with my fill-in-the-blank script. Now I have to read it with a straight face.

[M4F] [April Fools Day] [Listener Collaboration] [Blind React] [Silly] [Voicemail] [Greg] [Gregette] [Laughing] [See You Later Masturbator]

11:12 · 26,574 plays
Go ahead and make yourself at home.

[M4F] [Infidelity] [MDom] [Older Man] [Home for Thanksgiving] [Single Dad] [Grocery Run] [Car Sex] [Confession] [Praise] [Use Your Words] [Fingering] [Countdown] [Oral] [Penetration] [Age Difference]

27:29 · 73,207 plays
I can hear what you’re thinking, and you’re not so innocent.

[M4F] [Series] [Sci-Fi] [Pisces] [Aloof] [Telepathic Communication] [Vulnerable] [Healing] [Kissing] [Passionate] [Oral] [Rough] [Praise] [Fucktoy] [Riding] [Eye Contact] [Intense]

44:30 · 28,531 plays
Do you know how weird it is to get beer and sage at the store?

[MFF] [Spooky Season] [Threesome] [Witchy] [Summoning] [Magic] [Sound Effects] [Drunk] [Love Spell] [Coercion] [Oral] [Begging] [Desperate] [Penetration] [Face Riding] [Intense] [Rough]

33:37 · 71,078 plays
Yeah, I can stay after the parent-teacher conference. Am I in trouble?

[M4F] [Single Dad] [Handcuffs] [I Can Explain] [Nervous] [Flirting] [Neck Kisses] [Consent] [Praise] [Nipple Play] [Switchy] [Oral] [Fingering] [Binaural] [Hair Pulling] [Penetration]

23:24 · 66,545 plays
Welcome to The Green Room.

[M4F] [With a Female Voice] [Envy] [Stage] [Voyeurism] [Overheard] [MDom] [Praise] [Daddy] [Lady Envy] [Moaning] [Whimpering] [Oral] [Fingering] [Penetration] [Lots of SFX] [Finish Inside]

26:51 · 76,266 plays
If you let go of the branch, you fail.

[M4F] [Vampire] [Accent] [Obedience] [Overstim] [Tasting You] [Ache] [Edging] [Cliffhanger] [MDom]

8:57 · 30,411 plays
I’m counting on you to make it to the end.

[M4F] [MDom] [Long Countdown] [Guided Masturbation] [Toy] [Pinned Down] [Follow Direction] [Take It] [Orgasm Control] [Praise] [Good Girl] [Name-Calling] [Choking] [Use Your Words] [Begging]

21:35 · 79,890 plays
Just relax — we’ll take care of you.

[M4F] [Two of Me] [Massage] [1 Year Anniversary Audio] [Sequel] [Binaural] [MDom] [Infidelity] [Threesome] [Consent] [Spanking] [Oral] [Multiple Orgasms] [Fingering] [Penetration] [Taking Turns] [DP] [Finish Inside]

33:28 · 79,941 plays
Didn’t have time for a story this week, so I just pressed record.

[M4F] [Ramble] [Unscripted] [Story Time] [Touching Myself] [Whispers] [House Party] [Strangers to Lovers] [Against a Wall] [Mirror] [MDom] [Moaning] [Masturbation Noises]

23:01 · 42,403 plays
My roommate's at the bar next door. Is it cool if he shares our cab?

[M4F] [MMF] [Binaural] [My Roommate and Me] [Night on the Town] [Threesome] [Praise] [Teasing] [Whispering] [Our Place] [Oral] [Penetration] [DP] [Finish Inside]

18:10 · 152,228 plays
Give yourself permission to just breathe for a second.

[M4F] [Guided Masturbation] [JOI] [Follow Directions] [Go Somewhere Quiet] [Breathing] [Feeling Every Sensation] [Being Present] [Praise] [Teasing] [Edging] [Whispering] [MDom]

27:13 · 207,821 plays
Okay — what’s with all the candles, and why are you wearing that robe?

[M4F] [MSub] [Restraints] [Lingerie] [Teasing] [Begging] [Moaning] [Please] [Needy] [Praise] [Oral] [Overstimulation] [Edging] [Penetration] [Riding] [Finish Inside]

26:50 · 182,175 plays
What if we stayed in bed all day?

[M4F] [BFE] [MDom] [Intimate] [Praise] [Needy] [Fingering] [Oral] [First Time Squirting] [Good Girl] [Messy] [Slow Build] [Encouragement] [Pretty] [Pinned Down] [Multiple Orgasms] [Pussy Slaps] [Penetration] [Aftercare]

32:26 · 110,034 plays
Were you here this whole time?

[M4F] [MDom] [Caught] [Angry] [Degradation] [Follow Directions] [Payback] [Voyeurism] [Good Girl] [Guided Masturbation] [Controlling] [Orgasm Control] [Eye Contact] [Beg for It] [Oral] [Cleanup] [Aftercare]

27:08 · 75,070 plays
You want me to be rougher? I thought you'd never ask.

[M4F] [Anniversary] [Confession] [Safe Word] [MDom] [Sucking My Fingers] [Touching Yourself] [Good Girl] [Oral] [Daddy] [Praise] [Degradation] [Penetration] [Riding] [Choking] [Multiple Orgasms] [Boyfriend]

35:57 · 168,504 plays
Thanks for picking me up from the hospital — I got it from here.

[M4F] [MSub] [Neighbors] [Accident] [Fucking Greg] [Massage] [Teasing] [Hand Job] [Whimpering] [Oral] [Praise] [Edging] [Begging] [Riding]

29:08 · 88,365 plays
I'm pretty sure no one could see us.

[M4F] [Ramble] [Direct to Listener] [Story Time] [That One Time] [Concert] [LCD Soundsystem] [Sexual Tension] [In Public] [Grinding] [Fingering] [Clit Play] [Whispers]

20:25 · 72,253 plays
An old friend of mine is spending Christmas with us. He’s kind of a jerk.

[MMF] [Two of Me] [Holidays] [Praise in One Ear] [Degradation in the Other] [Cucking] [Threesome] [Oral] [Strong Language] [Rough] [DP] [Aftercare]

25:24 · 90,240 plays
You made this pecan pie? It's delicious.

[Part 2] [M4F] [MDom] [Infidelity] [Pecan Pie] [Family Dynamics] [Freudian Slips] [Under the Table] [Touching Me] [Innuendo] [Dish Washing] [While I Touch You] [Praise] [Degradation] [Penetration] [Say Please]

36:15 · 52,388 plays
Are these robes doing something for you?

[M4F] [MDom] [Halloween Party] [Priest x Nun Costumes] [Touching Yourself] [Oral] [Spitting] [Priest Role-Play] [Carnal Desires] [Confession] [Degradation] [Spanking] [From Behind] [Penetration] [Priest] [Punishment]

33:02 · 90,497 plays
Not many people know about it — it’s a public park with a beautiful little garden.

[M4F] [Small Talk] [Strangers to Lovers] [Flirting] [Morning Dog Walk] [Cherry Blossoms] [Catching You] [Handjob] [Switchy] [MDom] [Praise] [Spit] [From Behind] [In Public]

25:03 · 43,085 plays