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The Painter - Part 1: Drawing My Attention

The critics call my paintings “abstract,” but I call them order. [Intro] [1M Plays] [Thank You] [M4F] [Series] [Inner Monologue] [Slow Burn] [Opposites Attract] [Watching You] [Ruined Painting] [Massage] [Fucking Greg] [Masturbation] [Watching Me] [Caught]
I am a critically acclaimed painter with an obsessive desire for perfection. No one has ever gotten close to me because, well, no one is ever as perfect as the artwork. I work in a studio that is kept in pristine condition, and one day an equally renowned sculptor moves into the studio next door. She is wild, unkempt with messy hair and a constantly disorganized workspace. She drives me crazy...but I can't stop thinking about her. 
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