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almost like you're right there with them.

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You're all mine. You're all fucking mine.

Moaning For You (part 4)

By the time I got to my bedroom, I was already so despera...

Had the House to Myself For 10 Minutes

I'm gonna tell you exactly what to do, baby. I want you t...

Giving You Instructions

Moans and grunts for Ella. Submit a name in bio.


It's too much -- I need to finish.

I Can't Take It Anymore

You keep that up, and you know what I'll have to do.

Voice Memos (Part 2)

You look so pretty when you take me inside you...

My Princess

Keep touching yourself while I'm inside you...

You're All Wet

Estás tan deliciosa.

Voice Memos (Part 5)

Me voy a venir dentra de ti.

Voice Memos (Part 4)

Thank you so much for letting me finish this time.

Thank You So Much, Mami

It drives me crazy when you whimper for me...

How Can I Resist?

If you keep that up, I'm gonna finish inside you. Is that...

You've Been Such a Good Girl

Let me use you.

My Little Toy

Please finish with me.

Voice Note

Like the little slut that you are.

Voice Memos (Part 3)

You're so wet for me. Take it like a good girl.

I'm So Close

You want someone to find you out here with your legs shak...

Be Quiet

Just you and me, baby.

Voice Memos (Part 1)

You're gonna listen to me finish. Wait until the end.

Voice Memos (Part 7)

This is the first of my "name" audios. I want you to feel...


Comment or submit a name to the link in my bio...


I touch myself to the thought of you, knowing you’re doin...

Voice Memos (Part 6)

Rub your clit for me baby...you're doing so good.

Moaning for you (part three)

Let me make you cum angel.

Moaning for you (part two)

You're my little toy and I want to use you.

Moaning for you (part one)

Well, if it isn't my favorite student. Have you prepared ...

Summer Class

Nobody should ever talk to you that way. That guy's out o...

Your Boyfriend's An Asshole

We don't have much time. Get on your knees right there in...

Hurried Hotel Encounter

Grab a toy, use your fingers, follow my voice. Just get o...

Let's Take Care of Business

Fuck this feels so good. I can't control myself...

I Need to Cum So Badly

Slow n' steady with it.

Gentle Pegging

I just couldn't help myself. She's so beautiful...

Edging While Thinking About a Girl I Know

It's a really wild sensation...it feels so good.

Trying My Tingly Lube

Our friends stayed too long. Come here - I need to fuck y...

A Good Night

The guys are going to be here in a little while...so let'...

K and M Double Date

We have to be quiet!! I've been thinking about your cock ...

Last Day of My Internship

It feels so good...I'm so fucking hard.

Moaning and Cumming

Yes, of course I can drill that hole. I can nail it in re...

The Handyman: Strangers to Lovers

I found you the perfect Christmas gift. Are you ready?

Bad Santa

I've wanted you for so long, and tonight you're mine. Do ...

Your Romantic Virgin Christmas Fantasy

We have other, more important business to tend to. Let's ...

Playing Hooky Calling Off Work

I'm all yours. All. Yours. Your pussy is so good, I want ...

Your Dom Alpha Male Tries to Sub

Put your hand on it for me. Do you like it? Tell me.

Daddy's Stress Reliever

We're going on a magical mystery tour. I promise, you're ...

Tongue Magic Part 1

I love looking into your eyes as you stroke it like that,...

BlowJob Fantasy

I actually missed this place...and I missed seeing you. D...

Return to Work

I love to feel your cunt swell around my fingers. I know ...


Five minutes of hot, concentrated masturbation for you an...

Masturbation Moans

Settle into relaxation mode with me, baby.

Home Alone

Just take your headphones outside and listen to me moan.

Listen to Me Moan

I know you've been working nights, so here's a little som...

Hi Honey

I'm so sorry to barge in like this...Could I borrow a tsh...


Low, slow and sexy...moaning for you and you only, baby.

Sleepy Moans

Girl moans and whimpers.

Moans 3

Raw sex noises for your pleasure.

Moans 2

Raw, real, and rough sex sounds.


I'm alone in my office, thinking of what I would do to yo...

Office Jill-Off (JOI)

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