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strong language

audios that include profanity, intense language, or loaded dirty talk

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Turn around — let me look at you.

Bend Over (part 2)

Get in here and bend over.

Bend Over (part 1)

Just be good for me and apologize for touching without pe...

Brat Taming (part three)

You wanted to be a little brat, right? So now I have to p...

Brat Taming (part two)

You better watch your tone, I don't know who you think yo...

Brat Taming (part one)

I saw your computer screen earlier...I saw what you were ...

My Shy Lover Wants to be a Dirty Slut

We're gonna have a little bit of fun. But first, I'm gonn...

Rough Return

Tonight I want to go slow with you...I want you to feel e...

Getting Intimate

Get on your knees right now.

You're Going to Choke

You're doing so good angel...Comment below for the timest...

Keep Bouncing

The way that I picked on you made you horny...? Oh, reall...

Fucking Your High School Bully

You're all mine. You're all fucking mine.

Moaning For You (part 4)

Shhhhhh. They're gonna catch us.

Hurry Up and Get Dressed

You like knowing that I'm touching myself to the thought ...

Thinking About Being Inside You

If you keep that up, I'm gonna finish inside you. Is that...

You've Been Such a Good Girl

Let me use you.

My Little Toy

Like the little slut that you are.

Voice Memos (Part 3)

You're so wet for me. Take it like a good girl.

I'm So Close

You want someone to find you out here with your legs shak...

Be Quiet

Just take off your fucking clothes. Do it, now. You know ...

Time for Your Punishment

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