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I need to know you need me as much as I need you.

It's Yours

CardlinAudio from the archives. You and your boyfriend ca...

Lazy Sunday

It's been a long, hard week. Let me take care of you, bab...

A Long Week

I love seeing every inch of your body -- especially your ...

I Love That You Still Get Shy

You're perfect, our new house is perfect, everything is p...

A Quiet Night in Our New House

There's only one woman that I'd fuck on the side of the h...

Little Pit Stop

I picked you as mine for a reason. You were made for me, ...

Seeking an Arrangement

You trust me, don't you? Just relax.

Doctor's Orders

I'm starving, baby. Have a secret little appetizer with m...

Dinner Party Appetizer with James

Let's switch it up, baby. Show me, tease me, please me ov...

FaceTime Fun with James

I hate this separation, baby. I miss your touch so much. ...

First Time Phone Sex with James

That massage was so hot, baby. Now let's do each other. G...

Couples Massage

You've just had a wild night with the mysterious Julian, ...

King of London (Part 4)

It's your turn to pleasure Mr. King. Are you ready?

King of London (Part 3)

You've just met the mysterious Julian King, and you can't...

King of London (Part 2)

London, 1885. There are rumors of a new arrival in town.....

King of London (Part 1)

Let's melt into one another beneath the sheets. Nothing b...

Breakfast in Bed

I'm gonna make you shake until we capsize.

On the Lake

Seriously, why are you with him? You deserve so much bett...

Friends Bone

First we're sweet, and then we're spicy.


Dirty talk for the fan girls.

Valentine's Day

Let's get the day started the right way. (:

Morning Coffee

There's so much going on...but I need you right now.

Another Late Night

I want to stay over, but I didn't want to assume...

I Didn’t Want to Assume

Pillow talk and snugglefucking.

Netflix and Chill

I love filling you up first thing in the morning.

Morning Wake-Up

I don't know what I would do without you.

Appreciative Boyfriend

Let's celebrate US. I love you so much.

Happy Anniversary

That was really scary...do you feel super anxious too? Le...

Calming Down by Cumming

No pressure and absolutely no rush...but I want you. Bad....

Slow and Deep for My Shy Girl

I've been wanting to hold you all day. Let me take care o...

Boyfriend Cheers You Up

I loved building our campsite together, being out in natu...

Camping Trip

I call you on my way to work because I can't stop thinkin...

Morning Commute Call

Your sweaty, fit body turns me on.

Hiking Hookup

This relationship is a ride. Let's go full throttle.

Cross Country Road Trip

We make the best of an inconvenient situation...

Power Outage

You make me so happy...let's take this to the next level.

Friends to More

I always thought we had something special. This is the st...

The One that Got Away

I want to put my seed inside you.

Let's Make a Baby

We fuck around in my childhood bedroom.

At My Parents' House

We sneak out to the car so I can do whatever I want to yo...

Car Sex

I confess my feelings for you...things go from friends to...

I Love You...Properly

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