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Audios for when being a little disrespected in bed sounds like fun. Name-calling, punishing, choking, etc.

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Your husband's been controlling lately and I want you to put him back in his place.

[M4F] [MDom] [Phone Call] [Instructions] [Kitten] [Cuckolding] [No Touching] [Masturbation] [Voyeurism] [Jealous] [Degradation] [Good Boy] [Dildo] [Humiliation]

24:34 · 356 plays
To get accurate results, it’s very important that you follow my directions.

[M4F] [MDom] [Doctor] [Study] [Mean] [Follow Directions] [Degradation] [Fingering] [Orgasm Control] [Stern] [Take It] [Whispering] [Orgasm Without Permission] [Aftercare]

21:22 · 989 plays
Maybe I could teach you a few things, too.

[F4F] [FDom] [Condescending] [Degradation] [Nerd] [A Trade] [Bend Over] [Oral] [Rimming] [Name-Calling] [Slut] [Good Girl] [WLW]

10:07 · 1,294 plays
I don’t share, darlin’.

[M4F] [MDom] [Jealous] [Infidelity] [Punishment] [Instructions] [Controlling] [Degradation] [Mutual Masturbation] [Possessive] [Ultimatum] [Break Up With Him] [Spitting] [Blowjob] [Butt Stuff] [Penetration Denial] [Claimed]

26:15 · 16,774 plays
Why do you always go for the guys who treat you badly?

[M4F] [MDom] [Best Friend] [Condescending] [Degradation] [Oral] [Earn It] [Daddy] [Praise] [Spanking] [Rimming] [Good Girl] [Denial]

16:16 · 5,878 plays
After a bad review of my restaurant, I'm determined to change your mind.

[M4F] [MDom] [Chef x Food Critic] [Strangers to Lovers] [Flirty] [Oral] [Finger Sucking] [Orgasm Control] [Punishment] [Degradation] [Name-Calling] [Beg for It] [Penetration] [Photos]

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