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Audios involving vibrators, anal plugs, handcuffs, and other fun things.

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Grab a toy, use your fingers, follow my voice. Just get o...

Let's Take Care of Business

Slow n' steady with it.

Gentle Pegging

Just tell Daddy what was in the box.

Naughty Girl

Now, where were we again? Get ready to take all of me thi...

Blindfolded & Bonded (Part 2)

You sure you're ready for this? Don't worry, I won't tie ...

Blindfolded & Bonded (Part 1)

Just put the blindfold on, lay down, and let me take care...

Blindfolded Outdoors

Listen to me carefully: Find the key at the mat. Put on t...

Blindfolded Group Sex

Thanks for the present, baby. I can't wait to use it with...

First Time Using a Butt Plug

Today, I'm going to blindfold you and I'm going to tell y...

Paid Study 7: Self-Control

I've been thinking about you, too. I look forward to thes...

Paid Study 3: Toys

We have a little fun with a remote controlled vibrator un...

Teased at Dinner

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