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first time

Losing your virginity or trying something new.

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I've wanted to ask you something for a while...

Our First Time Getting Rough

I see you from across the room and come over to chat befo...

Hooking Up for the First Time

You make me so nervous...I hope I'm not being awkward. (T...

Thanks Again For Helping Me Study

I'm a little nervous, but I want to please you.

Becoming a Sub

I have never had a finger there before but...yes.

69 got more interesting

I've wanted you for so long, and tonight you're mine. Do ...

Your Romantic Virgin Christmas Fantasy

It's my first time at this...you have to go slow. Very sl...

First Time Bottoming

I hate this separation, baby. I miss your touch so much. ...

First Time Phone Sex with James

Thanks for the present, baby. I can't wait to use it with...

First Time Using a Butt Plug

I don't wanna make things weird, but...

Just between friends

I let my friends fill you up.

Party with my friends

Happy birthday beautiful. I got you something special.

Birthday Surprise

Real sex after a long dry spell.

First Time in a Long Time

I want to stay over, but I didn't want to assume...

I Didn’t Want to Assume

You want me to try dominating you.

You Want Me to Call You Baby Girl?

You need an older, more experienced man. Let me show you ...

The Housesitter

I coach my girlfriend while she goes down on her first.

Lesbian's First Cock

An experienced woman takes my virginity.

The Virgin and the Escort

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