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Women taking control.

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You're an intern, and your boss wants to be sure you have...

Dominant Boss

You know what they say, 'save a horse, ride a bike'. Well...

Save a Horse

I'm a little nervous, but I want to please you.

Becoming a Sub

Coming home to find my gorgeous girl submissive and willi...

My Good Girl

Wait, you...want me? Need me? Um...okay. This is...differ...

Switching Up Your Roommate Fantasy

Be a good girl for me. Lay back, close your eyes and let ...

Guiding You

Slow n' steady with it.

Gentle Pegging

You've been very, very bad. Haven't you? That's why I'm g...

ASMR Domination

I was dreaming and I woke up missing you inside of me. I ...

Dreaming Awake

Find a ring of trees and stand in the center of them. Tak...

Eco Sexual Guided Masturbation

You thought you could just leave and not pay me back? Thi...

Miss Salma's Cock Sucking Loan Repayment Program

I have a special little job for you.

Office Jerk

I lured nervous little nymphomaniac Lilly into my dungeon...

Office Slut Proves Her Obedience

I told Mary to arrive right on time for her quarterly exa...

Doctor's Visit

I know you're busy, but I need to be taken care of.

Quickie Office Sex

Welcome to our Members-Only satellite lounge. We hope you...

Executive Lounge 4: Satellite Location

I was assigned to be your personal valet...my job is to p...

Executive Lounge 3: Driver

If there is anything you need, I'll take care of you. Jus...

Executive Lounge 1

Wipe that smirk off your face, and take a seat.

Bad Boy

You want to take charge tonight. Let's switch it up.

You Wanna Please Me?

We've gotten stuck in our routine, and I want us to go ou...

Teasing him with you

I coach my girlfriend while she goes down on her first.

Lesbian's First Cock

Is there anything I can get you ma'am? Anything at all? I...

Yes Ma'am

Let me service you.

The Butler

I let you have control tonight.

You Dominate Me

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