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When I fantasize, I love to think of us as strangers who find ourselves inexplicably drawn to one another...

[M4F] [Ramble] [Improv] [Fantasizing] [Toys] [Masturbation] [Storytelling] [Hotel] [Strangers to Lovers] [Lingerie] [Seduction] [Doggy] [Aftercare]

30:10 · 1,299 plays
I wish not to sleep my lady...

[M4F] [Courtship] [Historical] [Immersive] [Bridgerton] [Ball] [Music] [British Accent] [Praise] [Whispering] [Storytelling] [Moaning] [Oral] [Choking] [Spitting] [Almost Penetration] [Cliffhanger]

18:36 · 3,534 plays
Robb has been tasked with finding the leader of the growing Resistance: Mira, his former lover.

[M4F] [Narration] [Audiobook] [Historical] [Enemies to Lovers] [MDom] [Sword Fight] [Kissing] [Grinding] [Teasing] [No Penetration Until Episode 3] [Irish Accent]

38:37 · 147,362 plays
You're proving unpredictable and I'm not sure I can trust you.

[M4F] [MDom] [Storytelling] [Noir] [Hardboiled] [Campy] [Prison Break] [Interrogation Room] [Protective] [Oral] [Biting] [Doll Face] [Ripping Your Pantyhose] [Penetration] [Rough] [Historical]

32:12 · 5,347 plays
If you want to study the flora and fauna of the frontier, then you'll need a cowboy like me to guide you.

[M4F] [Narration] [Storytelling] [Western] [Romance] [Biologist x Cowboy] [Travel Partners] [Passionate] [Loving] [Fingering] [Oral] [Riding]

33:56 · 2,542 plays
I am a god of war. I relinquish my power to no one.

[M4F] [Greek Mythology] [Ares] [Fantasy] [Bath House] [Growling] [Useless Nymphs] [Mutual Masturbation] [Banter] [Infidelity] [Handjob] [Power Struggle] [Prideful] [Choking] [Reluctant MSub] [Begging]

23:03 · 4,103 plays