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Audios featuring encouragement or instruction for all the good girls out there.

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Don't worry about my neighbors — focus on me.

[NB4F] [Domme] [Seductive] [Praise] [Spanking] [Good Girl] [Fingering] [Rough] [Be Loud for Me] [Use Your Words] [Oral] [Encouragement] [Passionate] [Fisting] [Aftercare]

19:05 · 3,393 plays
So glad I finally get to hear your voice. Does this count as a first date?

[NB4F] [First Date] [On the Phone] [Praise] [Mirror] [Confidence] [Daddy] [Guided Masturbation] [Phone Sex] [Encouragement]

14:12 · 2,121 plays
This is a guided, body-positive meditation exercise called "mirror talk."

[NB4A] [F4A] [Guided] [Mirror Masturbation] [Meditation] [Praise] [Appreciation] [Affirmations] [Deep Breathing] [Slow] [Sensory Exploration]

7:20 · 763 plays
A secret admirer prepares a lavish Valentine's Day for you, and at the end of the day, I reveal it was me.

[NB4F] [Spoiled] [Worship] [You Deserve Everything] [Oral] [Fingering] [Encouragement] [Spanking] [Let Go] [Overstimulation] [Secret Admirer]

27:50 · 2,717 plays
I'm more than happy to push your limits.

[NB4F] [Toys] [Domme] [Strap-on] [Size Large] [Overwhelming] [Praise] [Deep Penetration] [Rough] [Encouragement] [Follow Instruction] [Take It]

15:46 · 4,395 plays
This is how I worship the divine.

[NB4F] [Next Day] [Service Domme] [Worship] [Leg Kisses] [Daddy] [Praise] [Goddess] [Affirmations] [Oral] [Desirous] [Toy] [Thank You] [Background Music]

25:21 · 2,891 plays