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The other suitors down at the gambling house were disgracing your name and I couldn't bear to listen.

[M4F] [Historical] [Betrothed] [Post-Bar Fight] [Injured] [Comfort] [Teasing] [Helpless] [Claim Me] [Riding] [Praise] [Whore] [Slapping] [Begging]

22:01 · 3,620 plays
If other men are trying to court you, I'm going to prove that they don't feel the way I do.

[M4F] [Historical] [Courting] [Garden Walk] [Love Triangle] [Jealous] [Possessive] [Claiming] [Romance] [In Public] [On My Knees] [Oral] [Fingering]

23:31 · 4,815 plays
Who will win: The Queen, or The Resistance?

[M4F] [Narration] [Audiobook] [Historical] [Enemies to Lovers] [Kissing] [Fingering] [Penetration] [Multiple Orgasms] [On Top] [L-Bombs]

38:07 · 42,174 plays
I'll do whatever it takes to keep my town safe.

[M4F] [MSub] [Western] [Hate Sex] [Law Enforcement] [Humiliation] [Bargaining] [Degradation] [Arguing] [Mistress] [Face-Sitting] [Penetration] [Disgust]

16:39 · 3,803 plays
Well, well, well, what brings a respectable detective like yourself to *this* section of the library?

[M4F] [Regency Era] [Detective x Criminal] [Library] [Seductive] [Slow Build] [No Undergarments] [Fingering] [Daddy] [Penetration] [Condescending]

34:45 · 2,320 plays
You can’t stop taunting Robb with your presence, but this game is becoming more dangerous by the day.

[M4F] [Narration] [Historical] [Enemies to Lovers] [MDom] [Begging] [Kissing] [Fingering] [Throne] [No Penetration Until Episode 3] [Cliffhanger]

40:07 · 87,046 plays