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(A bonus audio for you from the archives.) Of course you ...

Teacher Appreciation

No one makes me feel the way you do. I love the way you r...

You’re Good at This

I need to know you need me as much as I need you.

It's Yours

I want us to come together. Can you do that for me?

The Feeling Is Mutual

More FaceTime sex with you.

FaceTime Edging (pt 2)

Talking dirty to you on FaceTime.

FaceTime Edging (pt 1)

I take control and you completely surrender. (This audio ...

(Continued) Teasing You

Morning sex after a night out together.

Wake Up With Me

Relax...you've had a long day. (This audio ends with a cl...

Teasing You in the Bath...

You get a call from your boyfriend to tell you he's almos...

I'm Almost Home

I touch myself and let you listen to me breathe and moan....

Feel Good With Me

I miss your body so much. I need you so much.

I Can't Wait to Feel You Again

You and I get to play together until we make each other c...

You First

Oh fuck, baby. I'm losing control.

Breathing and moaning

A taste of tantric meditation for you.

Sexual Healing

I know you're thinking about me when you fuck your boyfri...

Our Secret

Couldn't get to sleep. I just need someone here with me t...

Whimpering and Sounding So Needy

I lose all control when you do that...

For Georgia

I get hard just looking at you.

For Amanda

Fuck that feels so, so good.

For Caitlin

A fantasy of kissing, spanking, describing sensations, fu...

Story Time

I instruct you how to touch yourself as I masturbate with...

Cumming Together

I talk about tying you up, teasing, using a vibrator and ...

Bondage Orgasm

You're doing so good, baby.

Touch yourself for me

climax is always better when it's done together


Just finished work and I'm so fucking horny.

moaning just for you

You look really good in that bathing suit.

at the beach house

I'm so bored. Can I tell you what I want to do to you?

wish you were here

I just know you'd sound sooooo pretty.

I Want to Fuck You So Badly

When you lie to daddy, you get punished.

I know you lied to me

This is what happens when I think about you...

Relax with Me

Wait, you...want me? Need me? Um...okay. This is...differ...

Switching Up Your Roommate Fantasy

We're gonna have a little bit of fun. But first, I'm gonn...

Rough Return

I'm gonna tell you exactly what to do, baby. I want you t...

On FaceTime

Shhhhhh. They're gonna catch us.

Hurry Up and Get Dressed

Me voy a venir dentra de ti.

Voice Memos (Part 4)

Please finish with me.

Voice Note

Like the little slut that you are.

Voice Memos (Part 3)

This is the first of my "name" audios. I want you to feel...

For Addison

Rub your clit for me baby...you're doing so good.

Moaning for you (part three)

Let me make you cum angel.

Moaning for you (part two)

You're my little toy and I want to use you.

Moaning for you (part one)

...you're the main dish.

Dinner Time

There's only one woman that I'd fuck on the side of the h...

Little Pit Stop

Fuck this feels so good. I can't control myself...

I Need to Cum So Badly

It's been a long day, and I want to make you feel good (w...

Harry Eats You Out

It feels so good...I'm so fucking hard.

Moaning and Cumming

Yes, of course I can drill that hole. I can nail it in re...

The Handyman: Strangers to Lovers

I found you the perfect Christmas gift. Are you ready?

Bad Santa

I've wanted you for so long, and tonight you're mine. Do ...

Your Romantic Virgin Christmas Fantasy

We have other, more important business to tend to. Let's ...

Playing Hooky Calling Off Work

I'm all yours. All. Yours. Your pussy is so good, I want ...

Your Dom Alpha Male Tries to Sub

Keep your hands in the water. I want my fingers to get we...

Getting Dirty with the Dishes

Put your hand on it for me. Do you like it? Tell me.

Daddy's Stress Reliever

We're going on a magical mystery tour. I promise, you're ...

Tongue Magic Part 1

I love looking into your eyes as you stroke it like that,...

BlowJob Fantasy

I love to feel your cunt swell around my fingers. I know ...


I'm sorry! You startled me. What were you doing in here b...


You've got a thing for the sound of my voice...so it's re...

My Pleasure

You know that Daddy always takes care of you...now take c...

Daddy's Ache

We've put in a lot of really good work so far. We deserve...

Quittin Time

There are only two things Daddy wants to hear from your m...

Needy Little Brat

Just tell Daddy what was in the box.

Naughty Girl

You've been watching porn while I've been in there fuckin...


I'm sorry to startle you...I know we're the only two peop...

Shy Girl

Don't you dare. We're in public...? I control you now.

Don't Make Me Cause A Scene

Welcome to the Feel Good Pleasure Spa. I'm Jim, your pers...

Happy Ending

I've missed your smell, that element of yourself that bel...

I've Missed Everything About You

I found all of your secret audios on Reddit after I went ...

You want me to call you...babygirl?

You've been a very, very good girl. I want to give you a ...

Good Girl

This is for you to listen to with headphones on, in publi...

In Plain Sight

Just take off your fucking clothes. Do it, now. You know ...

Time for Your Punishment

Five minutes of hot, concentrated masturbation for you an...

Masturbation Moans

Let's sneak away to a random room and ravage each other.

Visiting at Christmas

We're going to masturbate together, ok? Listen to me care...

Call Me Now

I had this idea that we could go to a party and pick up a...

Party Pickup

Let's fuck off together. I know a place about an hour up ...

Into the Woods

Now, where were we again? Get ready to take all of me thi...

Blindfolded + Bonded (Part 2)

You sure you're ready for this? Don't worry, I won't tie ...

Blindfolded and Bonded (Part 1)

Listen to me yearn for you.

Soft Whimpers

Breathe in and squeeze your kegel muscle, then breathe ou...

Masturbation Meditation

I'm going to come for you, and only you babe.

FaceTime Jerking Off Together

Are you new around here? Don't think I've seen you around...

The Literal Boy Next Door

I picked you as mine for a reason. You were made for me, ...

Seeking an Arrangement

You've called me over here for repairs three different ti...

Home Fires Burning

After the museum closes, we stick around to criticize the...

On A Starry Night

You trust me, don't you? Just relax.

Doctor's Orders

Have you ever fudged your dice rolls? Don't lie to me. Ap...

Dishonest Dice Rolls

I'm so, so close. Please help me get there.

Grunting and Edging For You

Slippery, juicy, slow to finish.

Anniversary Session

Slow, long, sultry breathing between us. Passionate lover...


We just can't get enough of each other. Passionate, rough...

Part 2: Private Spank Session

Slow and sensual wins the race. Listen in as we finish to...

Private Spank Session

We have to be absolutely silent. Follow my lead, carefull...

Office Quiet Quickie

Just put the blindfold on, lay down, and let me take care...

Blindfolded Outdoors

Listen to me carefully: Find the key at the mat. Put on t...

Blindfolded Group Sex

I have a sweet little fantasy that includes me, you, plus...

Fantasy Group Sex

Let's work out our post-pandemic social jitters together,...

After Party Delight

I know sex can make friendships weird, but I can't stop t...

Leaving Town

Taking a coffee break with the sexy neighbor.

Neighbor's Helper

Grumbling, raspy sounds of the morning. We wake up and ta...

Morning Voice

I'm starving, baby. Have a secret little appetizer with m...

Dinner Party Appetizer with James

Let's switch it up, baby. Show me, tease me, please me ov...

FaceTime Fun with James

I hate this separation, baby. I miss your touch so much. ...

First Time Phone Sex with James

That massage was so hot, baby. Now let's do each other. G...

Couples Massage

Thanks for the present, baby. I can't wait to use it with...

First Time Using a Butt Plug

You've just aced the interview of your dreams. The doors ...

Elevator Endeavor

You've just had a wild night with the mysterious Julian, ...

King of London (Part 4)

It's your turn to pleasure Mr. King. Are you ready?

King of London (Part 3)

You've just met the mysterious Julian King, and you can't...

King of London (Part 2)

London, 1885. There are rumors of a new arrival in town.....

King of London (Part 1)

Let's melt into one another beneath the sheets. Nothing b...

Breakfast in Bed

This feels so fucking good baby.

Continued: After Party

Thanks for inviting me over :)

After Party

You have a lot of potential, but you need to loosen up a ...

Office Hours w Prof Fletcher

I don't wanna make things weird, but...

Just between friends

What did he do now?

Gimme a Call

I let my friends fill you up.

Party with my friends

I'm gonna make you shake until we capsize.

On the Lake

We have to be really, really quiet. Okay? Your roommate i...

Lights out

It's none of my business...but...is he giving you what yo...

Fucking my roommate's gf

I've been thinking about you alllllllll day...

I want you bad

Unbutton your pants before the trailers start.

Fun at the Movies

I bet you've had a long day...lie down, relax.

Do you know what I want?

Happy birthday beautiful. I got you something special.

Birthday Surprise

Listen carefully and do as I say.

What I want to do to you

Send me a nasty picture of you soaking wet in the bathroo...

At the Office

We were thinking about devouring each other all dinner-lo...

Dessert is better in bed

I'm impatient when what I want is right in front of me.

Hooking up with my roommate's friend

Seriously, why are you with him? You deserve so much bett...

Friends Bone

Let's keep this simple. I need you to come for me.

Orgasm Demands

We're both so horny and need to get off.

Phone Sex 2

Real sex after a long dry spell.

First Time in a Long Time

A quick clip of IRL fucking.

Overheard Quickie

Raw sex noises for your pleasure.

Making Noise

The hottest overheard phone sex. (Audio quality may vary ...

Overheard Phone Sex

Raw, real, and rough sex sounds.

Moaning with you

If I was with your right now, I would rip your clothes of...


First we're sweet, and then we're spicy.


Tonight we're gonna feel everything.

Let's go slow

Morning sex >>>>>

Cuddles and snuggles

Dirty talk for the fan girls.

Valentine's Day

Welcome to our curbside facility. We bring our services t...

Executive Lounge 5: Curbside Service

Don't look at the clock. I've been throbbing for you.

Morning Feels