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masturbation noises

Audios that include sounds of masturbation.

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Aww it's okay, I know it feels so good...

Comforting You and Fucking You

I can't help myself when I think about you...

Pleasuring Myself For You

Moaning & whimpering for mommy

Making Noise For You

Moans and sounds as I think of us.

You Pleasure Daddy & Make Him Happy

I want you on your bed, completely naked. Contains spitti...

Cum With Me

I love knowing you're touching yourself for me. I'm doing...

Cumming For You

Please stop - haven't I been good?

Begging You to Stop Teasing

Your boyfriend has a secret agenda when he calls you to s...

Calling you when you're babysitting

Listen to my girlfriend and me get off together.

Getting Off Together

Moaning "good girl" over and over for five minutes.

Good Girl Challenge

You feel so good baby.

Making sounds for you

I'm gonna get off thinking about you.

Getting Off to You

I instruct you how to touch yourself as I masturbate with...

Cumming Together

Just finished work and I'm so fucking horny.

moaning just for you

I just know you'd sound sooooo pretty.

I Want to Fuck You So Badly

This is what happens when I think about you...

Relax with Me

You're doing so good angel...Comment below for the timest...

Keep Bouncing

Was feeling cute and vulnerable and in need of a lot of ...

Would You Please Fuck Me?

When a girl is teasing me on purpose, my favourite way to...

How I'd Treat a Teasing Girl

It's Sunday afternoon and I've got nothing to do, so I fe...

Rambling and Self-Exploring

You're all mine. You're all fucking mine.

Moaning For You (part 4)

I'm gonna tell you exactly what to do, baby. I want you t...

On FaceTime

Rub your clit for me baby...you're doing so good.

Moaning for you (part three)

Grab a toy, use your fingers, follow my voice. Just get o...

Let's Take Care of Business

Fuck this feels so good. I can't control myself...

I Need to Cum So Badly

It's a really wild sensation...it feels so good.

Trying My Tingly Lube

This is for you to listen to with headphones on, in publi...

In Plain Sight

Five minutes of hot, concentrated masturbation for you an...

Masturbation Moans

We're going to masturbate together, ok? Listen to me care...

Call Me Now

Listen to me yearn for you.

Soft Whimpers

I'm so, so close. Please help me get there.

Grunting and Edging For You

Slippery, juicy, slow to finish.

Anniversary Session

Thanks for the present, baby. I can't wait to use it with...

First Time Using a Butt Plug

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