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Hydrated Baritone

Male ‚ÄĘ 8,070 subscribers ‚ÄĘ 641,074 playsI'm the voice that gets you parched ūüĒě

Hydrated Baritone

Male ‚ÄĘ 8,070 subscribers ‚ÄĘ 641,074 plays
I'm the voice that gets you parched ūüĒě

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When I fantasize, I love to think of us as strangers who find ourselves inexplicably drawn to one another...

[M4F] [Ramble] [Improv] [Fantasizing] [Toys] [Masturbation] [Storytelling] [Hotel] [Strangers to Lovers] [Lingerie] [Seduction] [Doggy] [Aftercare]

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You're sunbathing on the beach and I can't take my eyes off of you.

[M4F] [Boyfriend] [Vacation] [Beach] [Ocean Waves] [Relaxing] [Gentle] [Oral] [Praise] [Worship] [Fingering] [Focus on You] [Countdown] [Aftercare]

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We've been carpooling to work together, and we’ve kind of gotten into this…pattern.

[M4F] [Narrative] [Storytelling] [Co-workers] [Teasing] [Lingerie] [Foreplay] [In the Car] [Listener Orgasm] [Car Sex]

11:24 · 12,388 plays
I found the poetry you've been exchanging with your grad school crush.

[M4F] [POV] [BFE] [Boyfriend] [Emotional Infidelity] [Jealousy] [Arguing] [Fingering] [Possessive] [Degradation] [Rough MDom] [Angry Sex] [Penetration] [From Behind] [Missionary]

20:59 · 8,203 plays
I've become so disillusioned with these writing retreats.

[M4F] [Story] [Creative Writing Professor] [Retreat] [In the Woods] [MDom] [JOI] [Degradation] [Reprimanding] [Praise] [Edging]

13:26 · 19,557 plays
I open up my phone to see the many pictures you sent overnight, so let me send you something in return…

[M4F] [BFE] [LDR] [Voice Note] [Deep Voice] [Pictures of You] [Praise] [Masturbation] [Vibrating Cock Ring] [Body Appreciation] [Wish You Were Here]

19:41 · 5,505 plays
A rare, quiet moment to enjoy one another while everyone else in the house is sleeping.

[M4F] [Established Relationship] [Needy] [Spooning] [Morning Sex] [Oral] [Grinding] [Penetration] [Finish Inside]

14:38 · 15,800 plays
You teased me all night on our date, so when we get back to our place, it's my turn.

[M4F] [Roommates to Lovers] [MDom] [BDSM] [Payback] [Spanking] [Degradation] [Naughty] [Slut] [Bondage] [Fingering] [Slow] [Teasing] [Praise] [Finish Inside] [Aftercare]

20:04 · 6,762 plays
This wireless device can be worn discreetly ‚ÄĒ I wonder what it would be like to go to dinner and give you the remote.

[M4F] [Masturbation] [Direct to Listener] [Ramble] [Toy] [Vibrating Ring] [Moaning] [Self-Exploration] [Public Fantasy] [SFX] [Toys]

20:14 · 11,157 plays
Of course we get set up on a blind date‚ÄĒhow fun.

[M4F] [Almond Latte] [Tension] [Opening Up] [Compliments] [Vulnerable Speaker] [Hold the Moan] [Degradation] [Oral] [Enemies to Lovers] [Co-workers]

19:14 · 24,385 plays
A letter to you from me‚ÄĒyour secret co-worker admirer.

[M4F] [Letter to You] [Co-Workers] [Secret Admirer] [Voice Note] [Masturbation] [Moaning] [Dirty Talk]

10:18 · 15,235 plays
You deserve a love that doesn't have to be hidden.

[M4F] [Voice Note] [Co-workers] [Sexual Tension] [Flirting] [Professionalism] [Fantasizing] [Bittersweet] [Praise] [Appreciation] [Masturbation] [Moaning]

19:16 · 2,944 plays
It's your first time visiting my apartment, and you choose to confide in me.

[M4F] [BFE] [Boyfriend] [First Time] [MDom] [Whispering] [Check-Ins] [Praise] [Slow] [Safe] [Teasing] [Fingering] [Clit Play] [Edging] [Oral] [Missionary]

32:48 · 16,394 plays
When you texted me for a ride home tonight, I didn't expect to see you on the stage. You were stunning.

[M4F] [Exes] [Burlesque Dancer] [Confident] [Safe] [Car Sex] [Praise] [Oral] [Show Off for Me] [Spanking] [Riding] [Finish Inside]

28:30 · 3,741 plays
You needed an outlet; I wanted to be that for you. Just the two of us, one last time.

[M4F] [Narrative] [Storytelling] [Infidelity] [Cheating] [Exes] [Fingering] [Oral] [Praise]

17:58 · 8,555 plays
So I'm sitting in my office...putting off my work, and thinking of you.

[M4F] [Storytelling] [Narrative] [Inner Monologue] [Coworkers to Lovers] [Coffee Break] [Hold the Moan] [MDom] [Some Degradation] [Fingering] [Office Sex] [Coworkers]

16:02 · 5,709 plays
When you opened up to me last night, it felt incredible.

[M4F] [Boyfriend] [Early Morning] [Before Work] [Vulnerability] [Praise] [L-Bombs] [Fingering] [Encouragement] [Adoration] [Countdown] [Penetration]

25:34 · 3,680 plays
I've been waiting to try out this new toy I received the other day.

[M4A] [Direct to Listener] [Toy Review] [Male Massager] [Masturbation] [Ramble] [Moaning] [Slow] [SFX] [Groans] [Dazed] [New Favorite Toy] [Toys]

21:30 · 7,213 plays
You receive a mysterious email from your best friend's boyfriend, and it contains an audio file with a tempting offer.

[M4F] [Voyeur Fantasy] [Show Off For You] [Oral] [Flirty] [Continual Consent] [A Sample] [Masturbation] [Exhibitionism]

22:22 · 6,651 plays
You asked me if I've ever thought about your friends.

[M4F] [Fantasy] [Direct to Listener] [Ramble] [Thinking About Your Friend Watching Us] [On Display] [Exhibitionism] [Voyeurism] [Masturbation] [Eye Contact] [Showing Off] [Moans]

12:46 · 11,077 plays
We get assigned to a project that keeps us at the office late into the night.

[M4F] [Storytelling] [Narrative] [Sequel] [Coworkers to Lovers] [Anticipation] [MDom] [Mild Degradation] [Oral] [Office Sex] [Coworkers]

19:27 · 4,141 plays
If you want to be competitive, then let's make this a little more interesting.

[M4F] [BFE] [Gaming] [Spicy Bets] [Competitive] [You Lose] [Oral] [Teasing] [Orgasm Denial] [Blowjob] [Face-Fucking] [Moaning] [Facial]

22:37 · 4,941 plays
Let's see how I do only using three-word phrases.

[M4F] [MDom] [JOI] [Three-Word Phrases] [Mild Degradation] [Praise] [L-Bomb] [Rewarding] [Good Girl] [Guided Masturbation] [Experimental]

9:44 · 21,234 plays
A few thoughts on the new set of pictures you sent me last night...

[M4F] [BFE] [Voice Note] [Missing You] [LDR] [Praise] [Teasing] [Masturbation] [Fantasizing] [Moaning] [Toy] [Appreciation] [Loving]

18:00 · 3,093 plays
We've never met, but I'd love to romance you like the beautiful stranger you are.

[M4F] [Direct to Listener] [Guided Masturbation] [Miss] [Praise] [Worship] [Intimate] [Slow] [Relaxing] [Art] [Toy] [Mutual Masturbation] [Countdown] [Finish Together]

19:39 · 4,694 plays
With both of us working so much, I feel like we need time to reconnect.

[M4F] [Boyfriend] [MDom] [Home Early] [Attentive] [I Need You] [Oral] [Deep Throat] [Using You] [Commanding] [Eye Contact] [Moaning] [Praise]

22:35 · 6,014 plays
Do you need me as much as I need you?

[M4F] [MSub] [Loving] [BFE] [Mutual Possessiveness] [You Own Me] [Masturbation] [Penetration] [Finish Inside] [Quickie] [Boyfriend] [Finish Inside Me] [Possessive]

9:51 · 51,820 plays
Hey, we need to talk. I brought my date here yesterday and...well, you forgot to clean up after yourself.

[M4F] [Roommates] [Confession] [Mutual Attraction] [Fingering] [Couch Sex] [Missionary] [Passionate] [Moaning] [Friends to Lovers]

28:20 · 16,921 plays
Tonight will be a little bit slower.

[M4F] [MDom] [Bondage] [A Light Touch] [Edging] [Whispers] [Fingering] [Growls] [Countdown]

10:21 · 24,353 plays
I'm going to keep my identity hidden for now, but if you need some appreciation, you know how to reach me.

[M4F] [Voice Note] [Secret Admirer] [Co-workers] [Praise] [Appreciation] [Masturbation] [Picture of You] [Romanticizing] [Begging] [Moaning]

18:11 · 5,018 plays
The library is closed, but my apartment is just a few blocks away.

[M4F] [MDom] [Academia] [Peers] [Remote Control Vibrator] [Caught] [Stress Relief] [Edging] [Degradation] [Slut] [Kissing] [Letting Go of Control] [Check-Ins] [Teasing] [Blowjob]

22:52 · 5,764 plays
You’re spending your Friday night in the campus library, and I see you overworking yourself.

[M4F] [Teacher x Student] [Praise] [MDom] [Fingering] [Hold the Moan] [Good Girl] [Public Sex] [Hand Over Mouth] [Finish Inside] [In Public] [Teacher] [Library]

17:20 · 53,307 plays
When you reacted the way you did, my mind started wandering to thoughts of you as the boss for a night.

[M4F] [MSub] [Size Difference] [Narration] [Story Time] [Switch] [Brat] [Handjob] [Blowjob] [Oral] [Riding] [Penetration] [Edging]

16:54 · 8,448 plays
You need a chance to relax, so I've arranged everything you need today.

[M4F] [MDom] [Voicemail] [Domestic] [Surprise] [Attentive] [Descriptive] [Oral] [Penetration] [Finish Inside] [Boyfriend] [Romantic]

9:40 · 26,285 plays
You‚Äôre so warm and comfy‚ÄĒI can‚Äôt resist.

[M4F] [Domestic] [Spooning] [Whispering] [Praise] [Holding You] [Fingering] [Possessive] [Snuggle-Fucking] [Finish Inside] [Boyfriend] [Gentle]

11:49 · 22,560 plays
I love how strong you are, but I'm also willing to be your shelter when the going gets tough.

[M4F] [Voice Note] [Boyfriend] [Affirmation] [Here for You] [Building Trust] [Vulnerability] [Praise] [Masturbation] [Toys] [Deep Voice] [Sapiosexual] [Moaning]

14:54 · 5,287 plays
I think this one is my favorite.

[M4F] [Ramble] [Unscripted] [New Toy] [Experimenting] [Masturbation] [Suction] [Moaning] [Teasing] [Growling] [Edging] [Dazed]

23:20 · 7,108 plays
I had a dream about you‚ÄĒcan't you tell?

[M4F] [MDom] [Voicemail] [Forest] [Predator and Prey] [Give Yourself to Me] [Non-Consent] [Desirous] [Penetration] [Fear and Pleasure] [Masturbation] [Primal]

9:40 · 25,126 plays
Now it's my turn to show you.

[M4F] [BFE] [Boyfriend] [Watching Me] [Masturbation] [Showing You What I Like] [Exhibitionism] [No Touching] [Moaning] [Edging]

14:46 · 8,187 plays
You're cozy in bed while I'm stuck in the office late at night. Each minute adds to my longing for you.

[M4F] [Ramble] [Boyfriend] [Voice Note] [Edging] [Desire] [Masturbation] [Missing You] [Distracted] [Visualization] [What I Would Do] [Moaning]

15:03 · 10,944 plays
Our rivalry has extended to every class we share, but so has our secret romance.

[M4F] [Enemies to Lovers] [Motel] [Secretive] [Praise] [Body Appreciation] [Fingering] [Mutual Masturbation] [Possessive] [All Mine] [Slut] [Finish Inside] [Aftercare]

30:46 · 4,842 plays
You've been away on a work trip for so long, but maybe this voice note will convince you to come home sooner.

[M4F] [Boyfriend] [Missing You] [Voice Note] [Miss Your Mouth] [Toy] [Masturbation] [Moaning] [Thinking of You] [Praise] [Oral Fantasies] [SFX]

17:54 · 4,607 plays
We keep things professional, so I've tried to keep my thoughts to myself.

[M4F] [Coworkers] [Secret Admirer] [MDom] [Voice Note] [Masturbation] [Fantasizing] [Oral] [Deep Throat] [Rough] [Slapping] [Claim You] [Ruin You] [Bondage]

8:40 · 7,912 plays
It's the last day of Summer break‚ÄĒwhich means we have to leave each other soon.

[M4F] [Summer Fling] [Romantic] [Nipple Play] [Praise] [Sex on the Beach] [L-Bombs] [Soft Moans] [Mild Degradation] [Romance] [In Public] [Summer]

16:25 · 19,067 plays
This toy comes with auto-suction and vibration functions, as well as a button that just says "soul."

[M4A] [Masturbation] [Direct to Listener] [Ramble] [New Toy Review] [Suction] [Vibration] [Moaning] [Slow] [Tight Grip] [Soul Sucking] [Awestruck]

18:03 · 7,331 plays
You know how ‚ÄĒ on the back porch ‚ÄĒ my favorite chairs are right by the bathroom window?

[M4F] [Boyfriend] [Overhearing You] [Touch Yourself for Me] [BFE] [Voyeurism] [Countdown] [Listener Orgasm] [I Want to Learn]

15:19 · 9,042 plays
Is this the first time you've had a man at your place since your breakup? Let's talk about that.

[M4F] [BFE] [Humor] [Boyfriend Energy] [Making Me a Drink] [Deep Chats] [Grinding] [Riding] [Praise] [Dirty Talk] [SFX]

20:09 · 11,583 plays
You have a 99% in my class, so what are you actually here for?

[M4F] [MDom] [Professor] [Star Student] [Late Night Tutoring] [Teaching You to Let Go] [Follow Instruction] [Praise] [Kissing] [Grinding] [Good Girl] [Riding] [Academic Validation] [Possessive]

30:50 · 9,071 plays
Running into you at the airport feels...serendipitous.

[M4F] [Friends to Lovers] [In Public] [Quickie] [Flight Delayed] [Impulsive] [Spontaneous] [Bathroom Sex] [Oral] [Penetration] [SFX] [Moaning]

26:21 · 6,696 plays
I have an interesting idea for our next date.

[M4F] [MDom] [Voicemail] [Masturbation Noises] [Hotel Windows] [Exhibitionism] [Oral] [Showing You Off] [From Behind] [Breeding] [Possessive]

9:59 · 56,228 plays
When I fantasize, I love to think of us as strangers who find ourselves inexplicably drawn to one another...

[M4F] [Ramble] [Improv] [Fantasizing] [Toys] [Masturbation] [Storytelling] [Hotel] [Strangers to Lovers] [Lingerie] [Seduction] [Doggy] [Aftercare]

30:10 · 1,316 plays

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