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Audios with two people, sometimes with two voices.

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I'm gonna tell you exactly what to do, baby. I want you t...

Giving You Instructions

Slow, long, sultry breathing between us. Passionate lover...


We just can't get enough of each other. Passionate, rough...

Private Spank Session: Part 2

Slow and sensual wins the race. Listen in as we finish to...

Private Spank Session

I'm starving, baby. Have a secret little appetizer with m...

Dinner Party Appetizer with James

That massage was so hot, baby. Now let's do each other. G...

Couples Massage

I'm gonna make you shake until we capsize.

On the Lake

We were thinking about devouring each other all dinner-lo...

Dessert is better in bed

Real sex after a long dry spell.

First Time in a Long Time

A quick clip of IRL fucking.


The hottest overheard phone sex.

Phone Sex

One last time for the road...

Breakup Sex

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