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You drive me crazy — I'm just returning the favor.

[NB4F] [Domme] [Lunch Break] [Needy] [Kisses] [Praise] [Possessive] [Sweet to Passionate] [Rough] [Grinding] [Breast Play] [Spanking] [Fingering] [Penetration]

13:07 · 1,272 plays
Yeah yeah, I know all about how I'm not supposed to want to take you in the kitchen before someone catches us.

[NB4F] [Ramble] [Quickie Voice Note] [Moaning] [Masturbation] [Heavy Breathing] [Needy] [So Into You] [Fantasizing] [Visualizing]

7:47 · 1,401 plays
I spot you and your boyfriend from across the bar, and I definitely have a crush on both of you.

[NB4FM] [Bar] [Threesome] [Bisexual] [Polyamorous] [Consent] [Domme] [Back Room] [Voyeurism] [Boyfriend Watches] [Praise] [Fingering] [Finish Together]

20:24 · 2,395 plays
This audio is designed to help you relax into a completely different world.

[NB4A] [Sleep Aid] [SFW] [Relaxation] [Sweets] [Deep Breathing] [Calming] [Releasing Anxieties] [Safe] [Cuddling] [Visualization] [Ocean] [Floating] [Dreamy] [Hands in Your Hair]

13:38 · 1,925 plays
I got this hotel suite for us because you deserve the best.

[NB4F] [Domme] [Hotel] [Mistress] [Bondage] [Praise] [Objectifying] [Possessive] [Good Girl] [Face Riding] [Fingering] [Spanking] [Daddy] [Encouragement] [Aftercare]

17:46 · 2,659 plays
I love giving you control, almost as much as when you give it back to me.

[NB4F] [Top for Top] [Giving You Control] [Scratching] [Oral] [Take Me] [Praise] [Strap-on] [Against the Wall] [Moaning] [Switch] [Penetration] [Passionate] [Rough]

20:44 · 3,731 plays