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For the Plot
38 Audios · 19 hr 54 min 33 secPlot so good it could be a novel.

For the Plot

38 Audios · 19 hr 54 min 33 secPlot so good it could be a novel.
While pitching my innovative AI tech startup to a panel of investors, everyone passes on my idea...except you.

[M4F] [Tech Founder x Investor] [Flattery] [Dinner Date] [Multi-Million Estate] [Seduction] [Fireplace] [Foreplay] [Nervous] [No Sex]

26:54 · 4,584 plays
Why don't I come over tonight and we can finalize this deal?

[M4F] [MSub] [Business Negotiations] [Good Boy] [Crawling] [Anything You Want] [Begging] [For Money] [Financial Domination] [Oral] [Edging] [Penetration] [Orgasm Control]

33:16 · 6,071 plays
How the tables have turned in the last two years.

[M4F] [MDom] [Business Partners] [Investors] [Competitive] [Office Sex] [Supply Closet] [Degradation] [And Praise] [Oral] [Slut] [Good Girl] [Teasing] [Fingering] [Penetration] [Begging] [Passionate]

35:35 · 4,444 plays
Nexus Agent C4639, Andie Jones, is on a mission to retrieve stolen data from an international criminal known as “The Collector.”

[F4F] [Narration] [Airport] [Strangers] [Hotel Bar] [Praise] [In the Window] [Masturbation] [Cliffhanger] [No Sex] [Yet] [Enemies to Lovers]

30:33 · 212,394 plays
Agent Jones has agreed to protect you until she can get you out of New York. When a dangerous foreign spy comes after you, the two of you flee to a safe house.

[F4F] [Narration] [One Bed] [Praise] [Whispering] [Kissing] [Oral] [Fingering] [Mutual Orgasm]

36:47 · 128,739 plays
You decide to give Andie a little game to play to keep busy while you secure a deal. But, when you are betrayed, will Andie come to save you? Or capture you?

[F4F] [FDom] [Narration] [Enemies to Lovers] [Bondage] [Tied Up] [Grinding] [Oral] [Strap]

35:09 · 107,872 plays
So, this is how you repay me? After everything I've done for your family?

[M4F] [MDom] [Mafia Boss] [Jazz Music] [Repayment Plan] [Degradation] [Punishment] [Toxic] [Bondage] [Flogging] [You Made Me Do This] [Yes Sir] [Oral] [Using You] [Rough]

24:53 · 25,387 plays
After the loss of your first love, I was there to support you in your grief. I've tried to work on my insecurities alone, but today they all spill out. (CW: Mentions of Death, Grief, Relationship Trauma.)

[M4A] [Emotional] [Boyfriend]

33:42 · 13,043 plays
Let’s race up that hill, and whoever wins gets to choose something to remember the other person by.

[M4F] [Saying Goodbye] [Friends to Lovers] [Sound Effects] [Banter] [Nostalgia] [Moaning] [Praise] [Eye Contact] [Penetration]

13:17 · 17,940 plays
The year is 1939, and you've always wanted to be a doctor. Your mogul father is able to secure you an interview at a very prestigious university hospital. The only issue: the sullen head lecturer.

[Historical] [Long Audio] [Narrative]

39:39 · 12,440 plays

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