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Female • 1,606 subscribers • 277,402 playsYour attentive girl next door :)


Female • 1,606 subscribers • 277,402 plays
Your attentive girl next door :)

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I'm having trouble sleeping — I'm going to make some tea. Do you want some?

[F4M] [Girlfriend] [Late Night] [Sweet] [Caring] [Oral] [Relaxing] [Gentle] [Moaning] [Quickie] [SFX] [Goodnight]

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I'm constantly thinking about different scenarios — want to hear about them?

[F4M] [Fantasy] [Story Time] [Visualization] [Telling You What I Imagine] [Storytelling] [Going Out to Dinner] [Date Night] [Skip Dessert] [Bathroom Sex] [In Public]

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I recorded you something to listen to during the holidays while we're away from each other.

[F4M] [Masturbation Noises] [SFX] [Moaning] [Phone Sex] [GFE] [Edging] [Dirty Talk]

15:53 · 16,358 plays
I just miss *that* feeling — it's one we've talked about before.

[F4A] [Direct to Listener] [Ramble] [Getting Personal] [Things I Need] [Moaning] [Masturbation Sounds] [Emotional] [In My Feelings] [For All Genders] [Vibrator] [Edging]

12:33 · 6,089 plays
Sometimes you just need a little guidance.

[F4F] [Guided Masturbation] [Instructions] [JOI] [Relaxing] [Guiding You] [Simple] [Straightforward] [Meditative]

9:00 · 29,055 plays
I honestly don't care what day it is. I just want to be with you.

[F4A] [I Want You] [Kissing] [Fingering] [Praise] [Submissive] [FSub] [Moaning] [SFX]

11:23 · 18,026 plays
Are you awake? I really can't fall asleep for some reason.

[F4M] [Middle of the Night] [Restless] [Need Your Help] [Telling You How] [Clit Play] [Fingering] [Moaning] [Kissing] [Girlfriend]

10:05 · 7,481 plays
Just calling to let you know I'm gonna be in town next week.

[F4A] [For All Genders] [Teasing] [Phone Sex] [Romance] [Cute] [Long Distance] [Quickie] [Dirty Talk]

7:07 · 5,755 plays
I'm actually really glad you called.

[F4M] [You Have a Layover] [In My City] [Quickie] [Come Over] [Banter] [Drinks] [Oral] [Praise] [Some SFX]

19:15 · 5,189 plays
Today is about me — and I’m not letting anything stop me.

[F4A] [Whispering] [Vibrator] [Masturbation] [Ramble] [Casual Conversation] [Moaning] [Whimpering]

13:44 · 12,628 plays
I picked this out just for you.

[F4M] [You Like My Outfit] [Show Me] [Prove Yourself] [Sound Effects] [FDom] [Oral] [Edging]

13:34 · 11,415 plays
I wish it could have just been the two of us.

[F4M] [Home for the Holidays] [Girlfriend] [Time Alone] [Hold the Moan] [Whispers] [Quiet] [Oral] [Thanking You] [Holidays]

9:44 · 6,705 plays
It’s been a long time. I hope you remember what I like.

[F4M] [Old Friends] [Praise] [Oral] [Show Me] [Moaning] [Whispering] [Whimpering] [Encouragement] [SFX] [Wet Sounds]

11:14 · 4,125 plays
You’ve been running through my mind.

[F4M] [Long Day] [Constantly Thinking About You] [Vibrator] [Masturbation Noises] [Moaning] [Edging] [Masturbation]

11:44 · 9,496 plays
My flight got delayed and all I wanted to do was go home. Now I finally get to relax.

[F4A] [For All Genders] [Masturbation] [Ramble] [Unwinding] [Moaning] [Whimpering] [Whispering]

15:40 · 11,959 plays
I can't wait to kiss you.

[F4A] [For All Genders] [Slow] [Romantic] [FDom] [Edging] [Whispering] [Foreplay] [Short Audio]

7:11 · 3,667 plays
I never beg, but this time is different.

[F4A] [FSub] [For All Genders] [Sound Effects] [Oral] [Fingering] [Please] [Begging] [Desperate] [Moaning]

8:35 · 27,494 plays
I miss you, and I just can’t get you out of my mind.

[F4A] [Masturbation] [Dirty Talk] [Light Sound Effects] [Moaning] [For All Genders]

12:44 · 8,340 plays
I don't have anything special planned, but I'd love to see you.

[F4A] [Phone Call] [Oral] [Moaning] [Sound Effects] [FSub] [Soft] [Late] [Dinner Plans] [Overheard]

11:42 · 19,229 plays
I really need your attention right now.

[F4A] [Overheard] [Quickie] [Oral] [Needy] [Begging] [Soft] [Sensual] [Moaning] [Desperate]

8:55 · 26,215 plays
I want you to listen to me carefully.

[F4M] [Guided Masturbation] [Quickie] [JOI] [After a Long Day] [Instructions] [Calm] [Gentle] [Slow]

6:45 · 14,921 plays
I'm having trouble sleeping — I'm going to make some tea. Do you want some?

[F4M] [Girlfriend] [Late Night] [Sweet] [Caring] [Oral] [Relaxing] [Gentle] [Moaning] [Quickie] [SFX] [Goodnight]

10:11 · 7,437 plays
Let me tell you about my day.

[F4A] [For All Genders] [Story Time] [Masturbation] [Vibrator] [Moaning] [Ramble] [Masturbation Noises]

8:55 · 9,214 plays
I can’t stop thinking about you — it’s making me crazy.

[F4M] [Conflicted] [Obsessed With You] [Praise] [Worship] [Whispers] [Wet Sounds] [Oral] [Needing You] [Moaning] [Whimpering]

9:36 · 10,007 plays

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