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I know we said we wouldn't catch feelings, but those other guys don't deserve you.

[M4F] [Jealousy] [Possessive] [FuckingGreg] [Confession] [Emotional] [FWBs] [IWantMore] [MDom] [Edging] [Fingering] [L-Bombs] [Degradation] [Moaning] [Penetration] [Jealous]

30:04118,167 plays
You made this pecan pie? It's delicious.

[Part2] [M4F] [MSub] [Infidelity] [PecanPie] [FamilyDynamics] [FreudianSlips] [UndertheTable] [Fingering] [Innuendo] [DishWashing] [WhileYouTouchMe] [Moaning] [Whimpering] [Penetration]

19:5241,469 plays
I really like the S&M stuff we've been trying. Would you be okay taking it a step further?

[M4F] [MSub] [Pegging] [Flogging] [ExperimentingTogether] [Begging] [Oral] [Mistress]

10:2345,768 plays
We're traveling together on business and you knock on my hotel room door.

[M4F] [FDom] [WorkTrip] [Face-sitting] [Begging] [Blowjob] [OrgasmControl] [Edging] [FinishInside] [Oral] [Co-workers]

34:52100,911 plays
I just wanted to check in on younervous flier?

[M4F] [Airplane] [FlightAttendant] [InPublic] [FreeUse] [Oral] [ButtStuff] [Reassuring] [WetSounds]

19:4121,277 plays
You call me into the office after work hours.

[M4F] [Co-Workers] [AttheOffice] [BodyWorship] [FDom] [OnMyKnees] [Oral] [Spitting] [Praise]

24:0228,335 plays
You're plagued with chronic insomnia and require attendants to aid you nightly. I'm your latest hire and, tonight, I'm at your service.

[M4F] [FDom] [Oral] [DirtyTalk] [Rough] [UseMe] [Teasing] [StrangerstoLovers] [FinishInsideMe] [FDOM]

31:1129,968 plays
Fine. I'll let you attempt to heal me.

[M4F] [Fantasy] [Magic] [SFX] [Venom] [YouHealMe] [ThenIHealYou] [DeepVoice] [Moaning] [Breathing] [UseMe] [AsYouWish] [ArcaneArts] [Switch] [Oral] [Penetration] [SlowDown] [Degradation] [GoodWitch]

17:1543,427 plays
You won our bet, and I have to uphold my promise.

[M4F] [Boyfriend] [EstablishedRelationship] [Switch] [SlowBurn] [HandsRestrained] [OnMyKnees] [Begging] [Kissing] [Oral] [Face-Riding] [Handjob]

18:1422,319 plays
You like to be in control don't you?

[M4F] [Accent] [MSub] [Quickie] [DirtyTalk] [Submissive] [Moaning] [Whimpering] [Oral] [BreathPlay] [Edging]

9:3510,781 plays
I mean, yes, I am a nerd that plays video games all day在ut also, yes, I do have a lot of tattoos.

[M4F] [Roommates] [Awkward] [MSub] [Tattoos] [WashingMachine] [NervousSpeaker] [AfraidtoMoan] [QuiettoLOUD] [InexperiencedSpeaker] [PrematureOrgasm]

28:3946,946 plays
I'm still healing, but I can't stand it anymore.

[M4F] [Ramble] [Feral] [Desperate] [Eager] [MSub] [Whimpering] [Moaning] [Begging] [Visualization]

16:1639,183 plays
Good morning, much of last night do you remember?

[M4F] [MSub] [MorningAfter] [BossxEmployee] [Nervous] [CFNM] [Handjob] [Begging] [GoodBoy] [Whimpering] [Oral] [Servant] [Praise] [Riding]

39:4819,246 plays

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