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Male • 6,302 subscribers • 508,689 playsWriter, VA, Nerd. Creating roleplays for your pleasure.


Male • 6,302 subscribers • 508,689 plays
Writer, VA, Nerd. Creating roleplays for your pleasure.

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For the last time, stop wearing my clothes.

[M4F] [Roommates] [MDom] [Brat Taming] [Argument] [Kissing] [Baby] [Breast Play] [Oral] [Spitting] [Messy] [Good Girl] [Sir] [Begging] [Growling] [Missionary]

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Welp, I did not know they invited you on this weekend trip.

[M4F] [Enemies to Lovers] [Winter Cabin] [Trip With Friends] [Fireplace SFX] [Mdom] [Slow Burn] [Teasing] [Kissing] [Breast Play] [Fingering] [Oral]

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I'm sorry I fell asleep so quickly last night. Let me make it up to you.

[M4F] [Boyfriend] [Morning Sex] [Switchy] [Begging] [Spooning] [Kissing] [Cuddlefuck] [Growling] [Good Girl] [Passionate] [Aftercare] [Breakfast in Bed]

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It’s freezing in the living room. Can I sleep in here with you?

[M4F] [Enemies to Lovers] [Winter Cabin] [Trip With Friends] [Switch] [Hold the Moan] [Teasing] [Begging] [Kissing] [Oral] [Butt Stuff] [From Behind] [Hair Pulling] [Finish Inside]

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You’re getting a little too comfortable with me at a party and I confront you about it.

[M4F] [Infidelity] [MSub to MDom] [Quickie] [Seducing Me] [Hold the Moan] [SFX] [Kissing] [Teasing] [Oral] [Penetration] [From Behind] [Hair Pulling] [Finish Inside]

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Work has been stressful lately and you help me unwind.

[M4F] [Boyfriend] [Bad Day] [Cuddling] [Venting] [Affirmation] [Comfort] [Gratitude] [L-Bomb] [Teasing] [Pinned Down] [Sexual Tension] [No Sex]

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It’s our last day here, so let’s have some more fun. 

[M4F] [Enemies to Lovers] [Making Amends] [Winter Cabin] [Mdom] [Hot Tub] [Skinny Dipping] [Teasing] [Kissing] [Oral] [Missionary] [Mating Press] [Finish Inside] [Confession] [Winter Vibes]

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I overheard you yelling at your boyfriend on the phone...well, ex-boyfriend. Are you okay?

[M4F] [MSub] [Post-Breakup] [Roommates to Lovers] [Comfort] [Charcuterie] [You Deserve Better] [Mommy] [Begging] [Oral] [Good Boy]

15:45 · 8,875 plays
It's good to see you — I haven't seen you much since you were promoted.

[M4F] [MDom] [Coworkers] [IT Guy] [Not My Boss Anymore] [Flirty] [After Hours] [Oral] [Praise] [Good Girl] [Yes Sir] [Passionate] [Slut] [Hair Pulling] [Doggy] [Spanking] [Growls] [Public]

22:48 · 14,262 plays
I can't get over how great you look. We can be quick, I promise.

[M4F] [Boyfriend] [Date Night] [MDom] [Praise] [Kissing] [Quickie] [I Need You] [Right Now] [Fingering] [Good Girl] [Moaning] [Sir] [Eager] [Growling] [Penetration] [Finish Inside]

8:37 · 14,068 plays
I can be sarcastic and annoying, but you're realizing you might have feelings for me.

[M4F] [Enemies to Lovers] [Inexperienced Listener] [Camping] [Hold the Moan] [SFX] [Loud Wet Noises] [MDom] [Check-ins] [Praise] [Fingering] [Oral] [Cowgirl] [Aftercare]

38:23 · 64,090 plays
You're out of town on a girls trip and I've been thinking about you.

[M4F] [Voicemail] [Phone Call] [Tipsy] [Needy] [Boyfriend] [BFE] [MDom] [Praise] [Dirty Talk] [What I Want to Do to You] [Moaning] [Masturbation]

11:24 · 10,161 plays
You've been reading all day and I want to distract you.

[M4F] [Boyfriend] [BFE] [Bored] [Distracting You] [Neck Kisses] [Smutty Book] [Ripping Your Leggings] [Teasing] [MDom] [Good Girl] [Atta Girl] [Praise] [Spanking] [Oral] [SFX] [Moaning] [Penetration]

10:51 · 10,897 plays
You borrow my phone and notice a few tabs open.

[M4F] [Friends to Lovers] [Slow Burn] [Switch] [Teasing] [Kissing] [Begging] [Breast Play] [Grinding] [Oral] [Face-Sitting] [69] [Spanking]

31:40 · 36,164 plays
You’ve had a long week and I want to help you relax.

[M4F] [SFW] [Comfort] [Boyfriend] [Late Night Cuddles] [Always My Little Spoon] [Affirmation] [Praise] [What I Love About You] [Safe]

7:00 · 17,505 plays
You won our bet, and I have to uphold my promise.

[M4F] [Boyfriend] [Established Relationship] [Switch] [Slow Burn] [Hands Restrained] [On My Knees] [Begging] [Kissing] [Oral] [Face-Riding] [Handjob]

18:14 · 22,329 plays
Welp, your date did not go as planned.

[M4F] [Roommates to Lovers] [Switch] [Teasing] [Kissing] [Loud Oral Noises] [G-Spot] [Begging] [Oral] [Couch Sex] [Cowgirl] [Hair Pulling] [Spanking] [Finish Inside] [Aftercare] [Roommates]

24:15 · 29,765 plays
I've been a bit whiny while we are running errands, so you decide to teach me a lesson.

[M4F] [Boyfriend] [MSub] [Dressing Room] [In Public] [Teasing] [Begging] [Oral] [Face Riding] [Penetration]

18:09 · 12,758 plays
Things are heating up, so let’s try to cool down a bit.

[M4F] [Shower] [Sequel] [Drying Off] [MDom] [Praise] [Teasing] [Kissing] [Oral] [Cowgirl] [Spanking]

13:41 · 8,316 plays
We're on an overnight flight and the other passengers are all asleep.

[M4F] [BFE] [Whispering] [Airplane Bathroom] [Quickie] [In Public] [Hold the Moan] [Kissing] [Fingering] [Oral] [Standing Sex] [Hair Pulling] [Finish Inside]

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I know you probably hate me, but I just want to make sure you’re okay.

[M4F] [Frenemies to Lovers] [College] [MDom] [Spilled Drink] [Party] [Jock x Nerd] [SFX] [Oral] [Penetration] [From Behind] [Hair Pulling] [Mating Press] [Spanking] [Finish Inside]

17:21 · 44,516 plays
We haven’t seen each other in a while, so we catch up and share some dating stories.

[M4F] [Roommates to Lovers] [Slow Burn] [MDom] [Teasing] [Kissing] [Straddling] [Oral] [Roommates]

22:05 · 14,441 plays
We get lost in the woods walking back from the nightly bonfire.

[M4F] [Enemies to Lovers] [Adult Camp Counselors] [MDom to MSub] [Loud Wet Noises] [Kissing] [Breast Play] [Oral] [Slurping] [Rough] [From Behind] [Spanking] [Hair Pulling] [Aftercare] [Camp]

26:04 · 50,434 plays
It's been a long time since you and I were stuck in that cabin. I didn't think I'd see you again.

[M4F] [Sequel] [Infidelity] [MDom] [Jealousy] [Argument] [Kissing] [Fingering] [Oral] [Missionary] [Penetration]

15:45 · 8,496 plays
For the last time, stop wearing my clothes.

[M4F] [Roommates] [MDom] [Brat Taming] [Argument] [Kissing] [Baby] [Breast Play] [Oral] [Spitting] [Messy] [Good Girl] [Sir] [Begging] [Growling] [Missionary]

11:59 · 7,032 plays

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