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Meet Solstice, voiced by Jesse Williams. Enter the world of The Misty Door, where magic and faeries are real. Solstice Starr, a bookstore proprietor in Portland, Oregon, is here to tempt you. Episode Three is now live.
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Solstice Starr, a changeling, has decided to tempt you, Azra Cunningham, into enjoying yourself. Will you go on a date with him? Check yes or no.

[M4F] [Narration] [Audiobook] [Slow Burn] [Bookstore] [No Penetration Until Episode 3] [Magic] [First Kiss] [Storytelling] [Boyfriend Experience] [Fantasy]

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You have been dating Solstice for several months. Would you like him to touch you? Check yes or no. (CW: Mention of Eating Disorders)

[M4F] [Boyfriend] [No Penetration Until Episode 3] [Body Image] [Strip Show] [Guided Masturbation] [L-Bombs] [Break Up]

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Solstice celebrates his birthday alone at his sister's cabin, when he's suddenly greeted by a surprise.  Will he open up the door?  Check yes or no.

[M4F] [Audiobook] [Slow Burn] [Magic] [Happily Ever After] [Oral] [Fingering] [Penetration] [First Time]

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