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Episode One: The Caterpillar

Solstice Starr, a changeling, has decided to tempt you, Azra Cunningham, into enjoying yourself. Will you go on a date with him? Check yes or no. [M4F] [Narration] [Audiobook] [Slow Burn] [Bookstore] [No Penetration Until Episode 3] [Magic] [First Kiss]
* Solstice explains the rules of changelings and magic * Solstice invites you, Azra Cunningham, on a coffee date * On the coffee date, Solstice confesses that he has a crush on you * You agree to start dating Solstice * You confess that you've never had a proper first kiss * On your front porch, you and Solstice have your first, true kiss * Giddy, Solstice flies away Written by Emily C. A. Snyder Rob Valentine - Director Ross Burman - Sound Design A WTC and Quinn Inc Production
The Misty Door
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