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Episode Two: The Chrysalis

You have been dating Solstice for several months. Would you like him to touch you? Check yes or no. (CW: Mention of Eating Disorders) [M4F] [Boyfriend] [No Penetration Until Episode 3] [Body Image] [Strip Show] [Guided Masturbation] [L-Bombs] [Break Up]
* Azra and Solstice have been dating for several months * As Azra takes charge of her life and her own pleasure, they institute "Luxury Fridays" * At the Harvest Festival, Solstice admits that he's fallen in love with Azra * Azra and Solstice return to his apartment and make out * In front of Solstice's mirror, Solstice guides Azra through touching herself * Solstice puts on a strip show for Azra * Overcome with joy, Solstice's wings suddenly become visible * Azra is upset that Solstice hasn't been fully honest with her, and decides she needs space * Solstice calls his family for help and comfort, over the loss of you Written by Emily C. A. Snyder Rob Valentine - Director Ross Burman - Sound Design A WTC and Quinn Inc Production
The Misty Door
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