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Episode Three: The Butterfly

Solstice celebrates his birthday alone at his sister's cabin, when he's suddenly greeted by a surprise.  Will he open up the door?  Check yes or no. [M4F] [Audiobook] [Slow Burn] [Magic] [Happily Ever After] [Oral] [Fingering] [Penetration] [First Time]
* Solstice recounts how difficult it has been without Azra in his life * As Solstice's birthday rolls around, he goes to his sister's cabin in the mountains to celebrate * Once there, Solstice realizes that his sister left gifts that are meant to be enjoyed by two * A neighbor comes to the door with a present...a gift from Azra * Opening the present, Solstice sees a note from Azra asking him if they can make up * The door rings again, and Azra is there * The couple reunite...and Solstice discovers that in the time they were apart, Azra found her wings! * You spend the night snuggled up together * In the morning, Azra and Solstice make love for the first time, as Misty Doors open all around you, leading the way into the heart of Faerie Written by Emily C. A. Snyder Rob Valentine - Director Ross Burman - Sound Design A WTC and Quinn Inc Production
The Misty Door
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