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Male ‚ÄĘ 4,250 subscribers ‚ÄĘ 214,896 playsHe/Him. Berlin ūüďć


Male ‚ÄĘ 4,250 subscribers ‚ÄĘ 214,896 plays
He/Him. Berlin ūüďć

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While visiting a penthouse in Berlin with a glass balcony, I had some ideas...

[M4F] [Ramble] [Kink Discussion] [Consensual Voyeurism] [Fantasizing] [Balcony Sex] [One-Way Windows] [Praise] [Oral] [Penetration] [Aftercare] [Bilingual] [German Poetry]

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There'll be time for romance later, maybe.

[Continued] [Sequel] [Realism] [M4F] [Apology] [MSub] [Sheepish] [Accent] [You Smack Me] [Twice] [Whimpering] [SFX] [Oral] [Face Sitting] [Hair Pulling] [Riding] [Begging] [Spitting] [Please] [Penetration]

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I wasn‚Äôt expecting to see you here ‚ÄĒ you look magnificent as always.

[M4F] [Historical] [Accent] [Childhood Friends to Lovers] [Banter] [Banquet] [Memory Lane] [Moaning] [Dirty Talk] [Fingering] [Praise] [Oral] [Penetration] [Mutual Orgasm] [Eye Contact] [Romance] [Friends to Lovers]

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This is the fourth solstice you've summoned me here, witch. What is it you desire?

[M4F] [MDom] [Romantasy] [Witch x Fae] [Magic] [Late Night] [Banter] [Praise] [Kissing] [Oral] [Passionate] [Good Girl] [Moaning] [Spitting] [Penetration] [Aftercare]

29:20 · 6,226 plays
I just got back from a workout and I thought I would ramble about some kinks.

[M4F] [MDom] [Ramble] [Kink Discussion] [Voyeurism] [Masturbation] [Fantasizing] [Oral] [Slut] [Moaning] [Spitting] [Penetration] [Eye Contact] [Praise] [Passionate] [Rough]

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I haven't seen you since you betrayed me at The Agency...

[September Creator Challenge] [M4F] [Controlling MDom] [Spies] [Safe House] [Failed Mission] [Perfectionist] [Letting Go] [Praise] [Yes Sir] [Edging] [Countdown] [Penetration] [MDom]

26:21 · 7,757 plays
Whatever you're doing right now, it can wait.

[M4F] [MDom] [Boyfriend] [Phone Sex] [Follow Direction] [Undressing] [Guided Masturbation] [Praise] [A Gift] [New Toy] [Mirror] [Countdown] [Finish Together] [Miss You]

16:05 · 6,179 plays
It's been six years since I walked out on our relationship.

[M4F] [Realism] [Accent] [Apology] [Reconciliation] [Self Work] [Emotional] [Wine by the Fire] [Catching Up] [Dating Woes] [Twin Flame] [Romance] [No Sex] [Cliffhanger] [Build Up]

24:50 · 4,875 plays
As soon as I received your telegram, I knew what I had to do.

[M4F] [MSub] [Accent] [Historical] [Secret Admirer] [Mistress] [Bondage] [Begging] [Praise] [Needy] [Moaning] [Teasing] [Oral] [Face Riding] [Orgasm Denial] [Cliffhanger]

19:33 · 3,858 plays
We're two incredibly attractive rogues who just made off with the score of a lifetime. I think we're entitled to a night of celebration.

[M4F] [Historical] [Fantasy] [Accent] [Sarcasm] [Tavern] [SFX] [Oral] [Penetration] [Moaning] [Countdown]

21:25 · 5,249 plays
It‚Äôs pretty convenient that we got stuck here ‚ÄĒ don‚Äôt you think?

[M4F] [Stuck in an Elevator] [Accent] [Small Talk] [Strangers to Lovers] [Neighbors] [Oral] [Fingering] [No Penetration] [Praise] [Consent] [Neighbors to Lovers]

14:05 · 6,008 plays
We haven't had enough time together lately, but your "intimacy voucher" idea is helping us reconnect.

[M4F] [Accent] [Boyfriend] [Before Work] [Cashing In] [Praise] [Loving] [Body Appreciation] [Obsessed] [Cute] [Oral] [Moaning] [Penetration] [Intimate]

18:21 · 6,705 plays
You've helped me stowaway on this ship with hopes of starting a new life together abroad.

[M4F] [Historical] [Romance] [Accent] [Runaways] [Forbidden Love] [Risky] [Hold the Moan] [Gagged] [Fingering] [Good Girl] [Penetration] [Darling]

15:12 · 3,466 plays
You want me to cook you breakfast, but there's something I want from you too. Let's haggle...

[M4F] [Accent] [Boyfriend] [Teasing] [Morning] [Banter] [Mutual Masturbation] [Moaning] [Facial] [Praise] [And Degradation] [Outro]

23:06 · 7,820 plays
You've come to collect on the second part of our deal...with minor alterations.

[M4F] [MSub] [Accent] [Pegging] [Butt Stuff] [Boyfriend] [Goofy] [Banter] [Whimpering] [Penetration] [Moaning]

19:50 · 10,135 plays
Let me gently talk you through the next 25 minutes.

[M4F] [Guided Masturbation] [Accent] [Praise] [Body Appreciation] [Self Care] [No Pressure] [Talking You Through It] [Listening to Your Body] [Instructions]

25:19 · 7,257 plays
You are a talented and ambitious student of the arcane, eager to advance your learning through ancient and forgotten means.

[M4F] [Fantasy] [Historical] [Accent] [High Level Magic] [Spells] [Sorceress] [Moaning] [SFX] [Impress Me] [Oral] [Penetration] [Magical]

23:30 · 11,037 plays
I'm the shy son of a reclusive duke, and you truly changed my world when we snuck back into my estate after a party last night.

[M4F] [Historical] [Accent] [Praise] [Moaning] [Oral] [Fingering] [Hold the Moan]

23:28 · 5,149 plays
I've returned to you after months away in the city.

[M4F] [Historical] [Accent] [Married] [Praise] [Loving] [Moaning] [Oral] [Penetration] [Passionate]

24:44 · 7,567 plays
I discover you trying to hide your highborn self in the forest. (CW: Discussion of hunting.)

[M4F] [Historical] [Huntsman] [Accent] [Strangers] [Sarcasm] [Forest] [You Ran Away] [Forbidden] [First Time Oral] [Praise]

24:29 · 4,955 plays
We're out on an afternoon ride‚ÄĒjust you, me...and our escort. Let's see if we can lose him.

[M4F] [Cheeky Banter] [Secret Hideaway] [Romantic] [MDom] [Undressing Each Other Slowly] [Oral] [Your King Commands You] [Bend Over] [Praise] [Adoration] [Moaning] [Historical] [Accent]

23:14 · 3,653 plays
A polite nighttime stroll together sparks such a scandal that our families insist we marry.

[M4F] [Historical] [Neighbors] [Gentleman] [Arranged Marriage] [Falling for Each Other] [Safe] [Loving] [Use Your Words] [Praise] [My Wife] [Oral] [Penetration]

26:59 · 4,819 plays
I know you've had a hard day. Why don't you tell me all about it?

[M4F] [MSub] [Accent] [Roommates to Lovers] [Cozy] [Tea] [Ratatouille] [Venting] [Healthy Communication] [Comfort] [Praise] [Using Me] [Moaning] [Whimpering] [Penetration]

21:43 · 18,269 plays
I'm sorry the date went badly. You know I'm always here for you.

[M4F] [Roommates] [Comfort] [Bad Date] [Tea] [Affirmation] [Praise] [Switchy] [Fingering] [Grinding] [Riding] [Passionate] [Use Me] [Facial] [Spit] [Oral] [Accent]

21:04 · 6,945 plays
I know that rumors at court have been disturbing you. Visit me tonight, and we can make our worries melt away.

[M4F] [Historical] [Your Grace] [My Love] [Accent] [By the Fire] [SFX] [Passionate] [Moaning] [Oral] [Penetration]

19:44 · 8,951 plays
We're both a little tired tonight, but I still want to share intimacy with you.

[M4F] [Boyfriend] [Accent] [Nerdy Cute] [Domestic Vibes] [Relaxed] [Countdown] [Gentle] [Slow] [Mutual Masturbation] [Lube] [Watching You] [Holding Hands] [Realism] [Wholesome]

15:38 · 5,172 plays
This is my first D2L ramble. Let's try something new and exciting together.

[M4F] [Ramble] [Direct to Listener] [Accent] [Mutual Masturbation] [Authentic] [Body Appreciation] [Moaning] [Oral] [Praise] [Penetration] [Countdown] [Aftercare]

43:23 · 6,426 plays
I have to embark upon a long voyage tomorrow...yet I ache to see you for one last night before I go.

[M4F] [Historical] [Praise] [Romance] [Accent] [Oral] [Moaning] [Penetration]

16:13 · 5,110 plays
I had such a great time with my last ramble, let's keep it going...

[M4F] [D2L] [MDom] [Ramble] [Masturbation] [Spitting] [Bondage] [Teasing] [Anticipation] [Edging] [Moaning] [Fingering] [Penetration] [Countdown] [Aftercare]

44:05 · 4,932 plays
I had the best time meeting your family yesterday for Thanksgiving.

[M4F] [Irish Accent] [Realism] [Boyfriend] [Thick Walls] [Gratitude] [Consent] [Curve Appreciation] [Fingering] [Handjob] [Dirty Talk] [Moaning] [Praise Dom] [Praise]

18:40 · 15,483 plays
I have lived scores of lifetimes, and yet I have never met someone like you.

[M4F] [Witch x Fae] [Fantasy] [Missed You] [Feral] [Desperate] [Praise] [Oral] [Moaning] [Temperature Play] [Flame Spell] [Penetration] [Finish Inside] [Possessive] [Aftercare]

20:18 · 4,111 plays
While visiting a penthouse in Berlin with a glass balcony, I had some ideas...

[M4F] [Ramble] [Kink Discussion] [Consensual Voyeurism] [Fantasizing] [Balcony Sex] [One-Way Windows] [Praise] [Oral] [Penetration] [Aftercare] [Bilingual] [German Poetry]

27:17 · 1,804 plays

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