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Episode Two, 1899

It's been nine months since you waltzed into Horatio's life. You invite each other to witness key moments from each other's pasts. [M4F] [Heavy Plot] [No Penetration Until Episode 3] [New Years] [Little Minx] [Voyeurism] [Handjob] [In Public] [L-Bombs]
* Horatio and Arabella enjoy New Years Eve in Paris, 1899 * Horatio and Arabella have sworn to spend this last year, 1899, revealing their pasts to each other * Arabella's Library, 1879: Horatio witnesses 18 year old Arabella's first sexual encounter * London, East End, 1886: Horatio brings Arabella to the day his mother died * Horatio explains his mother's death is what inspired him to look for a cure: even in the future * That day, sitting by the Thames: Arabella gets Horatio off in public, and Horatio asks Arabella to show him all her sexual conquests * Arabella and Horatio have an amorous encounter in the Time Machine * Arabella guides Horatio through her sexual experiences, and invites him to watch her * The end of 1899: Horatio prepares to face his last six hours on earth Written by Emily C. A. Snyder Rob Valentine - Director Ross Burman - Sound Design A WTC and Quinn Inc Production
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