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Episode Three, 1900

Horatio brings you to the home he made in Tuscany, where the two of you spend all night together. Time passes, sorrows come. [Finale] [Praise] [Spanking] [Moaning] [Oral] [MSub] [Your Pleasure] [Penetration] [Character Death] [Use Your Words] [Consent]
* Horatio and Arabella celebrate NYE 1900 by jumping forward to New York City in 2000. * While Horatio's migraines intensify, you travel from New York to the Orient Express, and from the Orient Express to Tuscany, where he shows you the home he built for you. * In Tuscany, Horatio makes love to you. * Time passes, and Death comes, as Horatio slips away in your arms. * In your Mayfair House in London, which Horatio left for you, you read the journals he left behind, including: Picadilly Circus, 1909, the day Horatio travelled to the future and found his obituary...and the first day that he met, and fell in love with You.
The Inventor's Apprentice
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