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Episode One: The Tourist

Nexus Agent C4639, Andie Jones, is on a mission to retrieve stolen data from an international criminal known as “The Collector.” [F4F] [Narration] [Airport] [Strangers] [Hotel Bar] [Praise] [In the Window] [Masturbation] [Cliffhanger] [No Sex] [Yet]
* Andie records a mission log and summarizes her assignment. * At Newark Airport, Andie attempts to recover a black backpack believed to contain a hard drive with the stolen data. She collides with you, a very annoying Tourist. * In the cab leaving the airport, Andie realizes she must have accidentally swapped backpacks with you, and discovers your name — “Zara Lyken.” * Andie manages to track you down at your hotel. You split an expensive bottle of wine with her at the bar and return the backpack. * Worried for your safety, Andie insists on conducting surveillance from her room across the way. * While she watches you in the window, you undress and begin masturbating. She talks you through it. * Andie spots a suspicious man entering the hotel. Written by Meegan May Nicolette Chin, Rob Valentine - Directors Ross Burman - Sound Design A WTC and Quinn Inc Production
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