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11 Ideas for Celebrating Masturbation Month


11 Ideas for Celebrating Masturbation Month

Unlock a May full of self-discovery and pleasure with our guide to celebrating Masturbation Month. Embrace your desires with these empowering, sexy tips.

Spring is the best time of year. The sun is shining, the flowers are blooming, and you get 31 days to celebrate solo love thanks to Masturbation Month in May.

Of course, discussing self-pleasure still makes some people squirm, but we're here to smash the taboos. Getting down with your own self is totally normal, incredibly beneficial, and one of the best ways to figure out what really turns you on.

So, if you’re looking for some inspiration to celebrate yourself this month, we’ve got some tips and tricks for you. 

What is National Masturbation Month?

Masturbation Month is a month-long celebration meant to bring awareness to the benefits and acceptance of self-pleasure. Its history, rooted in both advocacy and controversy, dates back to 1994 when U.S. Surgeon General Dr. Joycelyn Elders advocated for a more open discussion of human sexuality.

Dr. Elders stated that school sex education should address how masturbation is a natural and healthy sexual activity that could also help boost sexual health by preventing the spread of sexually transmitted infections (STIs). Unfortunately, while her stance was incredibly progressive at the time, it sparked discussions that ultimately led to her resignation. 

However, in response to the controversy and in support of Dr. Elders, the team behind the sex toy company Good Vibrations created Masturbation Month in 1995. Since then, it’s expanded into a worldwide, international celebration of self-pleasure, challenging societal taboos about self-pleasure and sexual health and reminding people to embrace their own sexuality and sexual wellness. 

When is National Masturbation Day?

Along with Masturbation Month, there’s also National Masturbation Day, which takes place on May 28th. The sex-positive community dedicates this day to self-pleasure and all the fantastic things that come along with it. It's a special occasion to celebrate alone or even with a partner if you're into mutual masturbation

The masturbation taboo 

While nearly everyone masturbates, not everyone discusses it openly. Despite living when sexual openness and sex positivity are more acceptable than ever, mainstream society still tiptoes around the topic of self-pleasure.

The silence and shame surrounding masturbation only fuel these misunderstandings further and prevent people from embracing a healthy and open attitude toward a natural part of human sexuality. They may even leave some people feeling like they're getting something wrong or have to live up to difficult societal expectations. 

Tearing down these misconceptions is about more than just saying it's OK to enjoy some solo time; it's about recognizing that exploring your body and discovering what turns you on is essential to sexual health and happiness. Bringing more awareness to this could also lead to improvements in sex education programs and help more people learn about masturbation as a safe and acceptable form of sex. 

11 ways to celebrate Masturbation Month 

Not that you need one, but Masturbation Month is a great excuse to explore your sexuality and have fun with yourself and your partner. To celebrate, try something new this May, from a new sex toy to a novel kind of stimulation:

1. Add it to your schedule 

Many men and women masturbate frequently, but if your busy schedule keeps your hands full of everything but yourself, make time during Masturbation Month. Having a wank can relieve stress, lift your mood, and teach you what arouses you, so carve out some you-time and lock the door. There's no right or wrong way to do it — just focus on what makes you feel good.

2. Masturbate more often

If you don't indulge in masturbation very often, ramp up the frequency this May. Turn your sporadic sessions into a regular self-pleasure routine and note any changes you notice, like better energy or better sleep. If you're a seasoned self-pleasurer, keep up the excellent work.  

3.Incorporate sex toys

There's a whole world of sex toys out there, so why not celebrate by treating yourself to something new? Consider the deep, rumbly vibrations of a Hitachi Magic Wand, the targeted pleasure of a bullet vibrator or male vibrator, or a luxury option like the Womanizer Premium 2. Experimenting with toys can help you achieve different types of orgasms (like multiples), and pairing your toy with lube can open up new realms of pleasure. 

4. Try edging

Edging is when you repeatedly bring yourself close to climax but stop right before you reach the peak. This practice can heighten your orgasms, making them more pleasurable when you finally allow yourself to get all the way there. It's an exciting way to up your masturbation game and explore your endurance.

5. Find out how other people masturbate

Talking to your friends or online communities about masturbation can be incredibly enlightening. Have an open, honest conversation with someone you trust to learn about the diverse ways people pleasure themselves and discover new techniques or fantasies to try.

6. Listen to ethical audio porn

If you're wondering how to make masturbating more exciting, try masturbation sites like Quinn. Quinn's audio erotica offers a hands-free, immersive experience that can spice up your routine. With steamy narratives and moan-filled soundscapes, you can let your sexual fantasies run wild.

7. Read erotica 

Fuel your imagination with erotic literature — another ethical porn option that can make masturbation more fun. From short stories to lengthy novels, reading erotica can arouse your mind and body in ways you're not used to. If you enjoy penetration during masturbation, make the most of the experience by synchronizing your strokes with the story's pace. 

8. Try guided masturbation

Look for audio guides or videos, like the ones on Quinn, that lead you through a masturbation session. Guided masturbation sessions offer new techniques, pacing, and even storytelling to enhance your overall experience and help you achieve orgasm in a new way.

9. Practice mindful masturbation

Slow down and pay attention to every single sensation during solo sex. Mindful masturbation means being fully present with your body and exploring what feels good without zeroing in on reaching orgasm quickly. Take the time to notice how different strokes, pressures, and rhythms affect your pleasure, and enjoy the journey.

10. Explore forced orgasms

Forced orgasms aren't for the faint of heart. This exhilarating kink involves continuing stimulation beyond your first orgasm until you orgasm multiple times. It pushes the boundaries of your physical limits and can be a bit difficult to achieve alone, but once you get there, it's pretty powerful.

11. Explore prostate stimulation

If you have a P-spot, you might find prostate stimulation incredibly rewarding. Stimulating the prostate can lead to intense, full-bodied orgasms, and you can use your fingers or a prostate toy. 

Celebration Masturbation Month with Quinn 

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