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10 Best Couch Sex Positions to Try Tonight


10 Best Couch Sex Positions to Try Tonight

Popular couch sex positions include the spoon, edge of glory, and standing ovation. Try one tonight to spice things up with your partner.


You can’t go wrong with sex in a cozy bed. But when you’re looking to spice things up, take a look at your other furniture — the humble couch.

Turn your sofa into a steamy prop with these couch sex positions, and you'll never look at movie night the same again. 

5 benefits of couch sex   

Having sex in new places like the couch and car can be sensual, fun, risky — you name it. But it's not just about novelty. It's about experiencing new forms of sexual pleasure and types of excitement with your partner. For some people, sex in places outside the bedroom is even a kink or fetish

The size and shape of the average couch make it a versatile platform for exploring different sex positions, sensations, and types of support. So the next time you're lounging around, remember the living room isn't just for Netflix. 

Here are a few reasons to get intimate on the couch tonight:

  1. It's thrilling: There's something undeniably exciting about getting down to business on the couch. It ramps up the excitement of otherwise run-of-the-mill sex, which is great for your sex life, and the idea of getting caught or seen through a window can be a serious turn-on. With that in mind, you should close the curtains.

  2. You can try new positions: The couch offers unique positioning opportunities for oral sex, masturbation, and intercourse. Its structure lets you bend and balance in new ways, with armrests, cushions, and different seat depths contributing to some exciting sexy time. 

  3. There are new sensations: Couches offer different textures and sensations that can add a whole new layer to the experience. Every material offers something different, from the cool sleekness of leather against your skin to the thick warmth of a fabric sofa.

  4. The support is better: If you've never used armrests for support during sex, couch sex might rock your world. For example, having sex in a cowgirl position with your arms braced against an armrest can give you added leverage for balance, deeper penetration, and better orgasms — what's not to love? 

  5. You can revamp the classics: Classic positions like doggy style get an upgrade on the couch. It offers height differences and support that can help you adjust angles and depths in ways you can't on a bed. Plus, the person receiving pleasure can hold on to the back of the couch for support. 

10 sofa sex positions  

Couch sex is an erotic way to think outside the sexual box. Beyond hosting movie marathons and naps with your pets, your sofa can factor into your intimate life in ways you probably never imagined. Make the most of it with these 10 couch sex positions:

1. Sofa straddle 

Have one partner — the giver — sit on the couch and lean back into the cushions. Then, the receiver straddles them, resting their weight on their knees. This sitting sex position lets you face each other for deep connection and making out, or you can face away if you're feeling a bit more playful and want to give your partner a different view. Use the sofa arms for support, or try sitting cross-legged for a different approach. 

2. The spoon  

Both partners lie on their sides on the couch, nestled together like spoons in a drawer. The big spoon (partner in the back) wraps around the little spoon (partner in the front) and penetrates them from behind. This position needs the correct toy or penis angle to work. Try it if you're already cuddled up and want to take things to the next level.

3. Edge of glory 

The receiving partner sits at the very edge of the couch or loveseat and wraps their thighs and legs around their partner's waist. The penetrating partner stands or kneels before the sofa, guiding themselves in — we recommend using a pillow under their knees. The standing partner can dictate the thrusting rhythm and depth.

4. Couch doggy style  

This twist on classic doggy style puts the couch's structure to good use. The receiver kneels on the couch cushions and bends over the back of the sofa, using it for support. They're then available to the penetrating partner, who enters from behind. This erotic variation has it all — stability, a different angle, and deep penetration. 

5. Oral with a view 

If you love giving and receiving oral sex, try it on the couch. Have your partner sit on the sofa's edge with their legs spread and kneel or crouch in front of them. This setup reduces strain on your neck and back, so you can focus on rocking your partner's world and talking dirty to each other. Add a pillow under your knees for comfort. 

6. 69 

Take this classic sex position to new heights by having your partner lie back on the couch. Position yourself on top of them, facing the opposite direction, so you can simultaneously give and receive oral sex. The couch cushions provide support and comfort, making it easier to maintain the 69 until one or both of you finish (or are ready for a new position). 

7. Lazy afternoon 

If you’re feeling lazy but still want to get it on, have the penetrating partner take a seat on the couch and stretch out their legs. The receiver kneels or stands before them, taking charge of the movement. This position — which is also great for oral sex — lets the seated partner relax and enjoy.

8. Standing ovation 

This couch sex position is ideal for a quick, passionate moment. The receiver bends over the back of the couch, using it for support while the penetrating partner stands behind them. This position facilitates deep, satisfying thrusting, and you can easily use a homemade sex toy or vibrator for clitoral stimulation. 

9. Look into my eyes 

This seated face-to-face position turns your couch into a sex chair. The penetrating partner sits with their back against the cushions while the receiving partner straddles them and wraps their legs around and behind them. This lets you maintain eye contact and sync your movements for maximum pleasure.

10. Sneaky snake  

Think of this couch sex position as horizontal doggy style. Both partners lie down on the sofa, with the penetrating partner on top, using their arms for support. This position combines the depth of doggy style with the closeness and comfort of spooning — oh, and it feels great. Flip on your front, and this position becomes couch missionary. 

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