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Car Sex Positions For Living Out Your Fantasy


Car Sex Positions For Living Out Your Fantasy

Feeling adventurous? These car sex positions drive passion to the next level. Here’s how to have sex in the car without sacrificing comfort.


If you're ready to rev up your intimacy in a sensual new space, try car sex. 

Whether you're in a rush, trying to avoid roommates, or spicing things up, getting it on somewhere that isn't the bedroom can be thrilling, to say the least. 

But not every car sex position is created equal. You don’t want to end up cramped in the passenger seat (unless that’s what you’re into). Buckle up and explore the best sex positions for making memories on wheels without the struggle.  

What is car sex? 

Car sex is simply sex in a car. Fun and spontaneous, it turns an everyday vehicle into a fun new spot for intimacy, whether it’s a spur-of-the-moment fling on the side of the road or a planned rendezvous somewhere far from home.

But it's time to get real: The idea is sometimes more exciting than the execution. Having sex within the confines of a vehicle has some logistical challenges. There's limited room to maneuver, meaning you need to get extra creative with your positions to have a fun and satisfying time. 

There are also a few other caveats to fooling around in the car. Public sex might be a common fantasy, but doing it in a place where you might disturb people is a no-no. Avoid packed parking lots or busy streets, and always pull over before getting busy.

3 benefits of car sex  

Escaping the bedroom to the backseat is a great way to switch things up with your partner and keep things in your sex life spicy, whether you've been together for years or just starting a casual relationship.

Getting frisky on four wheels has a few worthwhile benefits:  

  1. Keeps things new: Even the most passionate relationships sometimes follow predictable sexual routines. Car sex introduces an element of spontaneity and surprise that freshens things up, and it requires a little more creativity than the bedroom does.

  2. Fulfills a sexual fantasy: If car sex is on your sexual bucket list, you're not alone. It often appears on people’s lists of fantasies, and acting on it with someone else can bring you closer.

  3. Gives you privacy: You can drive to the middle of nowhere and be as loud as you want, avoiding awkward roomie encounters and getting you away from your thin walls.

10 new sex positions to try in the car  

While some common sex positions don't work in small spots, there are a surprising number of sexy options available. From cowgirl (or cargirl) to swapping oral sex, you’ll find something that tickles your fancy.

These hot sex positions will have you pulling over ASAP: 

1. Cowgirl

With one partner seated in the driver, passenger, or back seat, the other straddles them face-to-face. This take on a classic sex position offers eye contact and control for the partner on top. Recline the seat as far as possible for more room.

2. Reverse cowgirl

This position is similar to cowgirl, but the person on top faces away from their partner. This offers a different angle (hello, G-spot or P-spot orgasm!) and an excellent view. If you're in the passenger seat, grab the glovebox for stability. 

3. Side spooning

Both partners lie on their sides in the backseat, facing the same direction, one behind the other. This is incredibly intimate, feels great, and makes the most of limited space — it just might be a little cramped for tall couples. Grab the car door for leverage, and be careful not to slip and slide right onto the floor. 

4. Backseat doggy style 

One partner kneels on all fours in the backseat while the other kneels behind them. This position allows deep penetration and easy access to the clitoris or penis. In the car, it works best if the person doing the thrusting drapes their body over their partner to save space.  

5. The Om 

Here, one partner sits cross-legged while the other sits on their lap, wrapping their legs around them. Popular in tantric sex, it's an intimate position that's great for the car because it's pretty compact. Try breathing in sync to boost your connection. 

6. Rear seat 

In this car-specific position, one partner leans their back against the inside of the car door in the backseat, while the other positions themself on their knees in front of them. They're then free to easily provide oral sex, penetration, or clitoral stimulation. Anything goes (with consent, of course).  

7. Spider 

This position takes car sex to a kinkier level. If you're here for it, climb into the backseat with your partner and sit with your legs toward each other. The penetrator will sit with their knees up and bent, and the receiver will wrap their legs around the penetrator’s torso, leaning back and supporting themselves with their arms. Think of it like a form of cowgirl, but more horizontal.

8. Oral sex

One partner sits in the front or back of the car, and the other kneels in front of them to give them oral pleasure. This is a fun and easy variation of car sex that doesn't involve penetration. Take turns and try adding a small cushion under your knees for maximum comfort.  

9. Seashell 

This position folds the receiver's body in half, making it easy to execute in a tight spot. To try the seashell, one partner lies down in the backseat with their legs raised all the way while the other kneels in front of them. Similar to missionary, this position works best if you keep your ankles close to your shoulders.  

10. The squatter 

This is another sexy and accessible option for getting it on in the car. One partner sits in the driver, passenger, or backseat, while the other gets on top facing them. The partner on top squats as they thrust, making this an exciting and kinky cowgirl variation. To take on a bit of the work, the partner on the bottom can help the other person by bouncing their hips.

Car sex tips and tricks

According to one survey of young adults in the Midwest, approximately 60% of people said they'd had sex in a parked car. Whether out of necessity or fantasy, car sex is more common than you might think.

 To make it as comfortable as possible, try these tips and tricks:  

  • Park in a safe area: While car sex isn't necessarily illegal, privacy and safety are key. Choose a secluded place or parking lot where you're unlikely to get caught to avoid indecent exposure. 

  • Try different spots: The front seat, passenger seat, and backseat of the car all have the potential for hot sex. You could even lay in a truck bed or on the sunroof, hood, or trunk if you're totally secluded. Different spots offer unique experiences, so why not try them all? 

  • Wear easily removable clothing: As much as you love that shirt or pair of jeans, don't wear it if it's difficult to remove. Getting naked is much easier at home than in a vehicle, so wear items that slip on and off in no time. Think easy access, like skirts, dresses, and comfortable shorts. 

  • Set the mood: Who says car sex can't be romantic? Create a sultry atmosphere with a sexy playlist, dim lights, and a cozy blanket. 

  • Turn on the AC: During the summer months, things can heat up in more ways than one. To avoid reenacting the classic hand-on-steamy-car-window scene from Titanic (unless that's what you're after), keep the air conditioning running or turn it on periodically to cool down. If you’re in a secluded spot where you don’t risk being seen or heard, you can also crack a window. 

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