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Foreplay Ideas to Enjoy With Your Partner


Foreplay Ideas to Enjoy With Your Partner

Add spice to your sex life with fun and exciting foreplay ideas. Discover the power of foreplay for a fulfilling sexual relationship in this guide.


Foreplay: Most people need it, but not enough talk about it. 

This type of intimacy encompasses the activities — sexual and sometimes otherwise — that lead up to sex. While many women consider different types of foreplay a must-do before getting it on, how much of it actually occurs, and for how long, varies widely. 

Sometimes, all you need is a little inspiration to level up your experience. And foreplay ideas are pretty much endless.

From massages to dirty talk, there’s an option out there that may be a game-changer for you and your partner. All you need to do is try. 

Break routine with foreplay

It may sound cliché, but foreplay puts the sizzle back into partnered sex. If your sex life has started feeling boring, mundane, or like a chore, it might be time to shake up your sexual routine and do some exploring. 

Foreplay is more than just a precursor to intercourse. Yes, it warms you up, but the best foreplay tips say that you should approach it as an activity all on its own. A key player for enhancing sexual intimacy and satisfaction, extended foreplay is a chance to slow down, express your desire, and build tension for the main event — whatever that looks like for you. 

The benefits of foreplay

The rewards of foreplay extend far beyond the bedroom. It can increase intimacy and connection, boost satisfaction, and make sexual experiences significantly more pleasurable for everyone. What’s not to love? 

Here’s a closer look at the key benefits:

Intensified orgasms

Foreplay creates a slow build-up of sexual tension that, according to a study from The Journal of Sex Research, may lead to stronger orgasms at the end of the day. Sensitivity escalates with desire, meaning you’ll be even more sensitive when you climax. Look at the whole experience like a long walk instead of a sprint. 

Increased physical arousal

Vaginas produce natural lubrication when aroused, and it’s essential for every kind of intercourse. Foreplay encourages this process, making penetration more pleasurable and less likely to cause discomfort or pain. From kissing to oral sex, different types of stimulation help prepare the vagina for better overall sexual experiences. 

And penises see the same benefits. Foreplay helps some achieve and maintain firmer erections, which is especially a plus for people with dysfunction. The arousal from foreplay can increase blood flow to the penis — and the more prolonged and intense the foreplay, the stronger the erection. 

Deepened intimacy

Just like cuddling (and sex itself), foreplay can boost the emotional connection and intimacy between sexual partners. Taking the time to explore each other’s bodies and learn what arouses each other creates a sense of vulnerability that sex without foreplay doesn’t always have. This energetic connection can enhance arousal and make sex more fulfilling. 

12 of the best foreplay ideas and tips

Anything can be foreplay if you and your partner approach it the right way. Whether you’re new to the concept or just looking for some fresh inspiration, these fun foreplay ideas will add a whole lot of heat to your sexual encounters.

1. Talk dirty 

Dirty talk might be difficult and even embarrassing initially, but it’s a super-sexy way to get in the mood and include consent in your routine. Tell your partner what you want to do to them, or vice versa, in explicit detail — in person, over the phone, or via sext. You could also describe a recent fantasy or kink you’re interested in. It’s a fun way to boost arousal and open up communication about your sexual preferences. 

2. Share a shower 

In this steamy setting (pun intended), you can explore each other’s bodies while soaping up. Take turns washing each other and throw in some kissing and light touching to build anticipation for what might come next. And if you’re feeling like you don’t quite love your body, getting naked in a non-sexual setting first can make you feel more comfortable.

3. Give a lap dance 

Embrace your hot bod by putting on a sexy show. Giving your partner a lap dance is all about being playful and embracing your inner showmanship. Try moving seductively, whatever that means to you, to a playlist you and your partner like. Don’t worry about perfecting it. It’s less about performance and more about arousing your partner with your body.

4. Exchange massages 

A sensual massage can get you in the mood for all different kinds of sex. Explore your partner’s body, or have them explore yours, using different types of touch and pressure levels. Add scented massage oil, lotion, or even heated towels to make the experience more spa-like. Giving and receiving a massage is deeply intimate, and relieving bodily tension is a recipe for more explosive sex. 

5. Touch different places 

The body is home to many erogenous zones — some you’ve likely never considered sexually. Instead of going for common areas like the nipples, clitoris, and vulva, try lightly stroking, touching, and kissing spots you don’t often gravitate toward. Explore the inner thighs, the nape of the neck, or the lower back to add an element of surprise to your foreplay.

6. Touch yourself 

Masturbation is an incredibly erotic form of foreplay, and it can start before you even meet up with a partner. Try some guided masturbation on your own, and then touch yourself in front of your partner to give them a captivating visual and a hands-on tutorial on what pleases you. You can also ask them to touch themselves in front of you for the same effect. It’s the perfect tension-building lead-up.

7. Try edible products 

You might be missing out if you’ve never used food in the bedroom. It might seem old-school, but using whipped cream or chocolate sauce lets you nibble at each other’s bodies in a fun way. This is a playful and sensual shared experience — as long as you consider potential allergies and keep food and edible products away from sensitive areas. 

8. Use your words 

Different from dirty talk, using your words to express your feelings toward your partner can deepen your bond and skyrocket your sexual connection. This type of foreplay isn’t about physical stimulation; it’s about forging emotional intimacy that boosts pleasure. 

9. Roleplay or act out a fantasy

Roleplaying ups the foreplay ante by incorporating the fantasies you never even knew you had. It could be a classic scene like “strangers at a bar,” a naughty nurse or teacher scenario, or something unique to your desires or fetishes. Incorporating roleplay into the lead-up (and intercourse) adds fun and novelty to sex. 

10. Add sex toys 

Sex toys aren’t for everyone, but they’re undoubtedly exciting if you’re open to using them. Adding toys like vibrators, dildos, and butt plugs to foreplay gives sexual activity a sense of excitement and adventure. Experiment to discover what works best for you and your partner. Remember, toys are meant to enhance mutual pleasure, not add pressure. Use lube and communicate the whole way.

11. Take your time 

Foreplay shouldn’t be quick (unless that’s your thing), so make sure you’re dedicating enough time to it. Take at least 10 minutes, preferably longer, to explore, tease, and please each other. Instead of watching the clock, try to lose yourself in your partner’s body. Playing sex games, using a blindfold, or having a long conversation about what good sex looks like to you can all lead to great foreplay.

12. Listen to audio erotica 

If you’re all about auralism, listening to audio erotica is a powerful aphrodisiac. This ethical sexual content is a sexy way to switch things up, stir your imagination, and set the mood. Many different types and topics are out there, from romantic boyfriend and girlfriend tales to voyeurism, so explore and find what turns you on.

Enhance your foreplay with Quinn 

Foreplay plays an essential role in partnered sex, and it doesn’t have to be repetitive or boring. Using different types of ethical porn during foreplay, including audio content, is a healthy way to add excitement to the bedroom. 

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