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The Ultimate Guide to Showerhead Masturbation


The Ultimate Guide to Showerhead Masturbation

Explore the ins and outs of showerhead masturbation with this comprehensive guide. Learn tips, tricks, the best positions, and why you should try it.

If you're having trouble finding the privacy you need to indulge in self-love, here’s a hot tip: Do it in the shower. 

The shower is one of the best places to get a few uninterrupted moments of me-time, and this guide to showerhead masturbation teaches you tricks to make it the best part of your day. From positions and tips to safety concerns, we've got your back so you can get wet in every way.   

Why you should try showerhead masturbation  

Showerhead masturbation can be steamy, erotic, and practical. Here's why it's worth a try:

  • It's private: The shower offers a uniquely private space where your need to be alone is usually respected. For many people, a closed bathroom door signifies a personal timeout from the outside world, providing an opportunity to focus entirely on your personal pleasure without interference. If you have roommates or live with family, this is a great way to make sure no one’s walking in on you.

  • It's self-care: Masturbation is healthy. It's a powerful act of self-care that can boost your mood and pairs perfectly with the shower ritual, creating a therapeutic pause in the day.

  • It's clean: If you masturbate often and it typically includes some clean-up, doing it in the shower makes things easier. The shower washes away any bodily fluids, which can be particularly useful during your menstrual period if you have one. 

  • It feels fantastic: Showerhead masturbation offers unique sensations, pressures, and temperatures. Plus, being naked and surrounded by warm water is a relaxing experience for many people, which can give you a heightened awareness of your own body and pleasure. 

How to masturbate in the shower 

Turning your shower into self-love time is all about trying new things and seeing what feels best. Try these easy tricks for showerhead masturbation:  

Change the water flow 

Point the showerhead in different places, like on the outside of your vulva or penis or at your vagina or clitoris. Playing around with the water pressure can shift how the water hits your skin to give you different sensations. You can also try different angles, such as from above and below, to see what gives you that just-right feeling without getting too intense too fast. 

Move it around 

Instead of holding the showerhead steady, move it around in circles or back and forth. Switching things up keeps the stimulation interesting and finds the movements that arouse you. Once you figure out what works, try sticking with it to see if you achieve orgasm.  

Try different spots 

There's more to your body than just the apparent pleasure zones (like your vaginal canal, labia, vulva, anus, penis, rectum, or clitoris). Use the showerhead nozzle to stimulate other areas like your thighs, neck, and nipples. It might surprise you with how good they feel. You can also try lying in the bathtub underneath the water flow from the faucet so you’re hands-free — or your hands are free for other things.  

Press and grind 

If you prefer more direct pressure, grind or press your body against the showerhead. Do this gently, and make sure the water flow is on a softer setting. One last tip: If you go this route, clean the showerhead thoroughly beforehand and after, especially if you share the shower. 

Play with temperature 

Spice things up by adjusting the water temperature. Start warm to relax, then go a bit cooler to wake up your skin and make it feel more sensitive to the touch. You can also shift the temperature in reverse, from cold to warm. Be careful to avoid extreme temperatures that could be uncomfortable.  

4 positions for showerhead pleasure   

There are many different ways to get it on with yourself in the shower. Try one of these four simple positions to figure out what works for your unique needs:  

1. The solo soak 

Settling into a comfortable spot in your shower allows you to use the showerhead to explore your body. To try the solo soak, sit in the bottom of the tub or shower and enjoy the warmth and sensation of water all over your body. You might sit with your legs stretched all the way out, slightly open, or even cross-legged if that feels good. Use a waterproof vibrator to stimulate your clitoris and erogenous zones, if desired.   

2. The leg shaver  

Stand with your legs shoulder-width apart for stability, and use one hand to direct the water between your legs or toward your back, depending on what feels best. Alternatively, place one foot up on the edge of the tub or on a shower seat or bench if you have one. Experiment with bending your knees and shifting your weight to help you find the perfect angle, or incorporate some vaginal massage or mindful masturbation techniques.   

3. The relax and recline  

Relaxation is one of the many benefits of masturbation, so why not get comfy while you do it? Lie on your back with your legs bent or straight out, and use the showerhead to direct the water where it feels best, such as your clitoris or anus. Relax and let the warm water do the work, and you might have a showerhead orgasm. 

4. The quadruped 

This position emulates doggy style. Getting on your hands and knees lets you aim the spray at different areas easily, and you can experiment with directing the water stream from various angles, including from underneath. Add a towel or mat to the bottom of the tub to make it more comfortable.  

3 tips to make showerhead masturbation even better  

Every month is Masturbation Month when you have a showerhead, but there are a few ways to improve the overall experience. Try these three tips:  

1. Fantasize  

The best showerhead for masturbation is usually sleek and easy to hold, letting you focus on fantasizing. The power of the mind in sexual pleasure can't be overstated, so find a position that feels good and envision a scenario that deeply arouses you. This could range from a romantic and intimate encounter to something more daring and adventurous — anything goes. 

2. Listen to audio erotica 

Quinn's audio erotica is a steamy way to enhance showerhead masturbation. We offer a diverse array of erotic stories and sounds, catering to a wide range of sexual preferences so you can reach arousal and orgasm. Select a story that resonates with your mood to create a multi-sensory, sensual experience in the shower.  

3. Use waterproof sex toys  

When it comes to female, male, and nonbinary masturbation in the shower, you can't go wrong with sex toys. The best vibrator for women and other folks to use alongside a showerhead is a powerful, waterproof model. The rumbly vibrations add another dimension and may make it more likely for you to achieve orgasm. You can also pair showerhead masturbation with toys like suction cup dildos, butt plugs, and prostate massagers.    

Is it safe to masturbate with a showerhead?  

Showerhead masturbation is safe, but you need to be aware of a few essentials. The showerhead is for external use only. Never attempt to insert it inside your body, as this can cause infection. Because the showerhead isn't designed for penetration, using it as a homemade sex toy is best for external stimulation. Similarly, be careful when aiming the water inside you vaginally or anally, and don’t use the showerhead to douche. 

Before you start your shower time self-love session, check the temperature of the water. Avoid scalding hot water in favor of mild warmth so you don't burn yourself. Similarly, avoid slips and falls in the shower by using a shower mat or towel and choosing a comfy position. 

Another thing to consider with showerhead masturbation is your water bill. While this isn't exactly a safety tip, keep an eye on the time so you're not running up costs for yourself and anyone you live with.  

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