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This is the first of my "name" audios. I want you to feel...


Comment or submit a name to the link in my bio...


Don't forget to breathe, gorgeous girl.

Let Me Guide You

I want you to touch yourself for me.

Let's Try Something Different

Listen to this, and imagine me right there with you. Put ...

I've Got You Babe

Listen to me yearn for you.

Soft Whimpers

Delicious sounds of hot, wet kisses.

Wet Kissing

Are you new around here? Don't think I've seen you around...

The Literal Boy Next Door

Have you ever fudged your dice rolls? Don't lie to me. Ap...

Dishonest Dice Rolls

Slow, long, sultry breathing between us. Passionate lover...


I bet you've had a long day...lie down, relax.

Do you know what I want?

You make me so happy...let's take this to the next level.

Friends to More

I tell you exactly how to touch yourself. No cutting corn...

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